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Posted on Fri, 18 May 2007 by KiM

Home Portfolio is a brilliant website that, as the name suggests, lets you create and save portfolios of products for your home. “HomePortfolio has spent eight years bringing together the best home design ideas, brands, products, and retailers (700,000 products, 100,000 retailers, and 1,700 manufacturer brands), all in one place”. So it’s like one-stop shopping. They also have some photos of rooms to inspire, and here’s a few.

OMG Kim what are you doing to me? As if I didn’t spend enough time on the computer now there is another site to pull apart and devour. Thanks for the link.

drey says:

wow! i LOVE the shots you’ve put here. makes me want to throw caution (and bank account) to the wind and go mod crazy.

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