Posted on Sat, 11 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

I’m just a little worried that I may have to move into a tent in the backyard if my painter and plasterer whip themselves into renovation frenzy next week. If it was a yurt like this one at Le Camp in Varen, Tarn et Garonne. Glamping… that’s the only way you’ll get me in a tent.  Woodlands in France with a snug, a wooden shower house, a lovely swimming lake and peace and quiet. Bliss. For a week or two. I’m a city girl remember. Le Camp via Welcome Beyond.

P.S. Come back later. I need your help with suggestions for my hall.

I love that shot showing all the beams that hold the tent up!

Amina says:

I just enjoyed your last six posts, you pampered my weekend! Thanks. I have no blog, but maybe you like this one, too? Sarajevo caleidoscope and that ?

I went camping as a young Boy Scout and don't recall any annoyances. Recently I was invited to go camping in upstate New York and accepted. Never again. Glamping is the ONLY way to do it. Thanks for the "alternative"!

Lisa says:

"GLAMPING"!! New favorite word!
I have a 1980's Wesfalia VW van that I have prettied up for my glamping weekends, but it does NOT COMPARE to those pretty pics….

Emilie says:


Ahhh — now that looks like the perfect way to "rough it"! Lovely!

Amazing location and love the color palette attention to detail on the interiors and the exterior outdoor room. Camping has come a long way!

The Swamp Angel says:

Glamping is the ONLY way to go. My wife and I have a 5 meter "SoulPad" bell tent that we dearly love. Throw in carpet, queen-size bed, nightstands with lamps, and a good oscillating fan and life is pretty durned good at the campground. That primitive camping stuff is for people with an inferiority complex that feel they have to prove themselves. As for me, camping should be all about comfort.

Jake says:

This looks perfect, I love the natural pool.

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