Stable Acre

Posted on Mon, 27 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

If you’ve seen the Inside Out 2011 Annual Renovating & Decorating Guide (and you must see the Inside Out 2011 Annual Renovating & Decorating Guide) you’ll recognise the converted stables home of gallerist Stuart Shave. I found it again at inspace Locations and the architect David Kohn’s site. Open-plan orientated around a simple modernist fireplace, light spills in through walls of glass. It’s warm and simple, mid-century and modern. Rough brick is smoothed with white paint, rustic and sparse yet sophisticated and softened. And for an art dealer strangely devoid of art. Moroccan pom-pom blanket anyone?




Annie says:

Love the house, hate the furniture and especially the scraggly potted plants. Nothing in the decor has any presence. The house would be much prettier without any of the pointless furniture.

Bev65 says:

All the walls are brick , wood or windows. Where exactly would you have him hang the art? 🙂

gala says:

I agree with one of the comments above, its very clean and nice but something missing… art ?

D of dogland says:

I don't see any " little pot plants" but, it makes sense they'd be in the lounge if there were any.

lea says:

Bev65, there is a thing called a masonry drill, you can drill a hole into anything 🙂
Love the bedroom, the rest I could leave. Agree totally on the plants.

ewa says:

Speech. Less.
Still catching my breath.

Why would you want to cover such a beautiful brick texture with anything? The walls are art onto themselves.

Rianne says:

It's not taking my breath away.. but it's interesting, fascinating

lgt14 says:

i love the bed spread with the pom poms!!! does anyone know where to find that?

Heidi says:

Seriously, if someone could source that bedspread with the pom poms I would be extremely grateful! I have been looking for something like that for so long. Ideas?

Bella says:

Hi Chris,

Like Heidi above asked, where can we purchase the pom pom bedspread. I LOVE, LOVE, love your style. Thank you for sharing your finds.

Hope your having a great Summer.


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