Chris Dyson taking you back

Posted on Wed, 18 Mar 2015 by KiM

Of course, I had to start this post off with a cat on a bed photo as I have cats on my brain these days (my 2 little ferals are breaking my heart they are so sad/scared). British architect Chris Dyson was featured here a few years ago, and continues to inspire with traditional spaces restored and modern spaces where updates are a must. But it is the traditional spaces that makes my heart skip a beat. In London how could you not want to keep this history alive when it is so absolutely gorgeous?

Airlie says:

How did you go catching the other two strays? I am trying to do the same here in Tasmania with a family of strays near my work. I feed them every day but can't get close to them, breaks my heart with winter coming and them outside with nothing but bushes to shelter in and sandwiched between highways:(

KiM says:

We're going back this morning to try and get the last 2. If you make sure they're hungry, then get a trap and use some tuna or some equally yummy, they should go right for the trap…which is what happened with the first 2, and why it took only 20 mins.

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