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Stalking leftovers 2

I'm onto my second chocolate Easter rabbit and I've devoured too many hot cross buns. I do believe I'm on a sugar high. So before I go and have a little lie down to compensate for my overindulgence here are a few more of my stalking leftovers. There is a teeny, tiny studio with almost more wardrobe than sleeping space, a couple of warehouse conversions and a grand old Queenslander home whose interiors are a little too traditional for my taste but the exterior and grounds are lovely. Click on the images to head to the listings. All via

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Stalking leftovers 1

It's the beginning of a four day holiday in Australia. Lazy, rainy days and a chocolate Easter egg overdose are in my immediate future. Perhaps a coffee and a little bit of real estate stalking. Here are my recent leftovers. You know my mantra by now. I'm fussy. Not quite right, bad photos, I need more photos please! Can't quite put my finger on it listings with something that has me nodding "yes". It's a mixed bag this week. I've been taking a trip on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and parked my Mercedes outside a mansion, stalked some terrace house extensions, dreamed about restoring a midcentury beauty that has seen better days and found a couple of black beauties ... houses not horses. Click on the images to head to the listings. All via

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A monochrome workspace

I sometimes crave a minimalist and monochromatic space - the calm it exudes would be so relaxing for a workspace. Which is what Hege of the blog Hege in France was lucky enough to experience. A while ago she rented a studio with Deborah of Ollie & Seb's Haus and it was really rough in the beginning. It had magnolia-colours walls and bright blue carpet. But then Hege went to town with some sandpaper and some paint...

The industrial space with large windows was brightened right up with all the white paint and was the perfect backdrop for a monochromatic workspace. Details are on Hege's blog here