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My friend B sent me a link today to this photo on Flickr, by kaylovesvintage, saying she saw it and thought of me. She knows me well. It's so cute I had to share.

While on the subject of cats, I know some of you were concerned about my friend's cat Binky who needs a new home. Sadly, she hasn't found anyone willing to take him. She has an appointment at the Humane Society Monday. I'm just praying he doesn't mind being in a cage, or they will put him to sleep. (That happened to a stray cat I took there once). That will totally break Jenny's heart, and mine. I told her if I can manage to make it through the front door (although I will be a blubbering mess, I am just typing this for crissakes), I'll visit him since I live just around the corner. I really wish I didn't already have 6 cats.

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Oh, that is seriously darling.

4 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commentereirracoes

I'm so sorry for living so far away from you...I wold be glad to adopt Binky! I cant imagine what can happen to him, please, somebody help!

4 Oct 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAna Balbinot

Aw, thanks Ana.

4 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkim.

I love Kay's flickr photostream. So beautiful and so much a real home. Plus she has a great West German pottery collection :)

My fingers and toes are crossed for Binky.

4 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commentermidcenturyjo

Try contacting this person:

Cat Rescue Network
Ottawa, ON K2H 7C4
(613) 820-7088

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJody

Post adoption plea here.


Contact this organization for additional assistance -- they should give you advice. Good luck. My heart goes out to your feline friend. xo


5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJody

Poor Binky, such an adorable cat as well, this is one of the times I think why do I live in the U.K. (other times are mainly when it's raining...)
please let us know if you are raising money for Binky, I'd love to help

this might cheer you up

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLuphia

Luphia that link is TOO cute and thanks to Jody for those really constuctive ideas. I'm sure Kim is chasing them up.

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commentermidcenturyjo

Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone and for the links Jody (I am a foster mom for FOAP).

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkim.

Awwww...poor Binky! I think I might be allergic to Fergus and Lola :( I have an allergy exam in a few weeks, but it's brutal - I just started on a ventilator because something is affecting my breathing so much. I really hope it's not them and even if it is, I can't imagine sending them away. It may mean, however, that another move is in store - to a one bedroom so that I can have a door to close and attempt to keep a cat free bedroom...

I really hope Binky finds someone to love him! I wish I could take him.

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjawcey

OH NO Jawcey! That's my worst nightmare, developing allergies to cats. I hope to gawd that's not what you have.

5 Oct 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkim.

So sorry to hear about Binky :( This makes me want to drive the nine hours north just to come get him... unfortunately I don't think my cat Oscar would be too happy with me if I came back with another big male fur-ball.

6 Oct 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMarine, Sea Queen

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