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Monday's pets on furniture - part 1

If you'd like to send me photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow my basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off...and your pet happens to be sitting on it. And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it's dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to desiretoinspirekim@hotmail.com and PLEASE don't send closeups of your pet!)

This was the first time I ever met Mr. Peepers. After overcoming some shyness, he proceeded to take me on a tour of his entire apartment.
- Sharon (Los Angeles, CA)

I've attached two photos:
• The first is of our 14 year old cat, Jake, curled up on my moroccan pouffe in my favourite reading corner.
• The second is a wide shot to include my beautiful 4 year old dog, Sam, lying next to our ottoman, and in the background our little Minnie, who's 5 years old, in her favourite armchair. What a life!

- Victoria

Attached is a photo of my dog Harley relaxing at our new apartment in brooklyn. I think he likes it here!
- Dana

These photos are of my two cats Atticus Scout and Boo. Atticus is the torti-tabby and Boo is the black kitty. As with most cats, they rule the house but the bed is by far their favorite spot. I swear I did not pick my bedding to match my pets!
- Joan

Here is my long-haired miniature dachshund, Jager, on a few different chairs in the house (he likes to sit up high on furniture like a cat; I think it's short legs syndrome!)
- Kara

I am sending you photos of our three cats; the first photo is of Mia posing on an antique chair and the second is of big boy Capone sharing our island with (a not so flattering bum shot of) Mia with little Sofia looking on from the countertop!
- Jennifer (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Even though I'm not a fan of Mondays on your blog, you are so on top of my mind for inspiration that the first thing I thought about when seeing Jade on top of the table was "Monday's Pets-on-Furniture"
- Indira (Dominican Republic)

This is of one of our three adopted cats, Riley. She is recuperating from a thyroidectomy and in this picture, is sitting on a Thomasville demi-lune table in our kitchen. She loves spending time with me in the kitchen when I am preparing meals.
- Susan 

This is the precious face that greets me when I get home each day, GingerSnap...my precious King Charles Cavalier.
- Jennifer 

Reader Comments (5)

Funny-sweet like always, thank YOU! Yes, what a life! They all remind us of how beautiful life can be, not because of producing only but because of only existing, too.

16 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAmina and Paul-Cat

Mia, Capone and Sofia look so cute hanging out in the kitchen! My cat Riley likes being with me in the kitchen, too.
Thanks for posting her photo, Kim. She is recovering well from surgery.

16 Jan 2012 | Unregistered Commentersue

I'm a big fan of Mondays on your blog. Such adorable guys (and gals) hanging out on the furniture! What a fun and inviting reading spot Victoria has created.

16 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVirginia

Yay, I love your 'Pets on Furniture' posts, so very cool to see my three babies (Jake, Sam & Minnie) featuring today. Thanks :)

17 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVic

Always cute. Vic's critters are adorable.

17 Jan 2012 | Unregistered Commenterhomestilo

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