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Just because ...

... they are so beautiful. Inspiration today comes from the stellar portfolio of food and lifestyle photographer Brett Stevens. OMG! The colour, the pure saturated colour and don't get me started on the lighting, the composition, the angles. It's official. I have a new photographer crush and these shots are of ... food vignettes. Beating heart, short of breath, slightly feverish and not a wide angle room shot in sight. Can a table full of tomatoes be sexy? Can a bowl of cake mix make me weak at the knees? Can I smear that blue all over my body like a woad warrior? Dreaming of colours and textures, mixing and marrying for new room inspirations. Beauty is everywhere and today it is here captured through the lens of Brett Stevens.

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So beautiful Jo! Thanks for the inspiration.

so beautiful......

T xx


23 Oct 2012 | Unregistered Commentermabi art&foto

I'm going to set my bar higher...

23 Oct 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTricia Rose

Well yes, it would seem that a table top full of tomatoes can be sexy. Very schexy indeed. This man has an extraordinary understanding of colour. I don't usually want to leap off a table top onto my head when I see vignettes, much less food vignettes, but this man is something else. For him I would risk concussion. His pictures are rich like Dutch still lives. My eyes are full.

Eye candy, indeed. We've got a photographer we work with who does architectural photography for us, but the food images on his blog are beautiful--truly an art form. http://www.markweinbergphoto.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=13&p=1 Don't look at these hungry.

30 Oct 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJennie

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