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Reader request - brass and gold

I haven't done a reader request in ages, because I don't seem to ever have enough time to rifle through my photo stash anymore (I have 2 days off work hence my ability to magically find a bit of time now). I think these started getting more difficult when Jo and I each started trying to blog twice a day and then I went and started this blog with my sister. Anyway, feel free to continue sending requests but try and make it reeeeeeally interesting and something that can be easily spotted in a tiny thumbnail to increase your chances of me getting to it. :)
SO, today's request comes from Christi: I'm a design student from BC, and I'd love to see some blog posts with brass and gold contemporary hardware and fixtures. I'm obsessed with the few I've seen, and I think the contrast with cooler paint and material tones is stunning. I was never a fan of anything gold, but I am slowly coming around. I still shy away from using it as silver seems to be so much easier. This one was a bit tough to find in my tiny Flickr thumbnails but I think I scored some decent photos, and because I have a thing for copper - particularly Tom Dixon's copper shade lights - I took this opportunity to slide a couple in. :)

ELLE Interiör


Canadian House & Home

Canadian House & Home


Canadian House & Home Magdalena Keck
Jean Louis Denoit Colombe Stevens
Décormag Sköna hem
Greg Natale Greg Natale
Marta de la Rica Canadian House & Home
Justin Bernhaut The Selby

Canadian House & Home


Marjon Hoogervorst

Stella Nicolaisen

Greg Natale

Canadian House & Home

Lucy Berridge


Greg Natale

Reader Comments (6)

Great post kim! We're currently doing a dining room with some gold accents.. Excited to see how it turns out!

30 Mar 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLeclairDecor

I think gold and brass are a bit too flashy for my taste but I do like the pop that they give as small fixtures in simple or dark rooms. I especially like the Canadian House & Home and Jean Louis Denoit rooms.

30 Mar 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha McEachron

I love this. I'm in the midst of redoing my living room in whites and greys and I'm on the hunt for the perfect brass or gold floor lamp. It is definitely more challenging than silver but so worth it, I think.

30 Mar 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHeidi

i was just showing a girlfriend this morning my ideas for my master bedroom using lots of gray, white and brass accents, much like the first photo. i scored an adorable campaign style chest of drawers on craigslist yesterday and have plans to polish up all the brass hardware and put on a fresh coat of glossy white paint, much like that amazing kitchen in canadian house and home. thanks for this post! it's right up my alley!

30 Mar 2012 | Unregistered Commenterteresa

I'm so happy old brass (not lacquered) is making a comeback! My husband has been wanting to swap out all the brass hardware in our house for stainless. I was holding out because as we all know, everything comes back in style again if you wait long enough. I am even holding out hope for my harvest gold bathtub.

30 Mar 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChrista

LOVE every single photo!!!

3 Apr 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Roads

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