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Envy is a deadly sin. I know because I sin all the time. Better add greed and gluttony. I could sit here and overindulge in this wonderful apartment brought to life by Potsdam based architectural studio Miethe+Quehl. With great features to build on the architects have been refined in their touch. The historical sits comfortably with the slick and contemporary. The floors warm my greedy little heart, the light makes my eyes sting with tears. The sheer beauty of its deco bones makes me choke and splutter on my avarice. I am a bad girl. I deserve to be punished ... and you can punish me ... after I lick the computer screen a bit more.

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The expansive spaces are a delight. Thanks to the floors and walls the rooms don't appear empty.

20 Aug 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPatrice

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