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Blog problems continue

Hey folks. As  you may have noticed this week that we have been experiencing issues with photos not displaying in our posts. The folks at Squarespace are apparently working on a solution but have yet to come up with one. It seems to work randomly on different browsers so if you are super keen, try switching browsers if photos are not displaying. Hopefully this will get resolved one of these days. As our frustration grows, no one will tell us anything besides "they're working on it". GRRRRRRRR. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Reader Comments (2)

Squarespace customer service used to be the very best I'd ever experienced, regardless of the industry.

Nowadays, they make me absolutely MENTAL.

Best of luck to you -- love your blog, and the work you do. We'll all happily wait patiently. :)

I am definitively at the mental stage right now. I have been bugging them for 3 days.
Thank you :)

13 Mar 2014 | Registered CommenterKiM

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