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Working on a Sunday

Tired of beige walls, industrial carpet, cubicle wall ugliness, fluorescent lighting and all the other fun things that go along with typical office life? I certainly am. Working in an environment such as this one would certainly make it easier to get up and go to work in the mornings. The lucky folks of Tel Aviv companies Jelly Button Games and Hamutzim Studio have this totally awesome workspace to look forward to each work day morning. Designed by Roy David Studio, this 700 sq m industrial loft space could not be more inspiring and fun. Guaranteed to make for some happy employees. (You can read all the details here). 

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We have open offices, even CEO is sitting next to us. And we all hate the whole open office thing. But that loft - two floors - was so expensive that we are not moving out any time soon.
You see every move, you hear everything and we all miss doors.
The offic ein the post is pretty similar to what we have, even with a "kicker" in the corner. The owner of the comapny loves interior design, so least we have nice funiture and unique lamps.
But we are so unhappy with this change that some collegaues are searching for a new job.

15 Feb 2016 | Unregistered Commenterombia

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