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Monastic modern by Ty Larkins

This beautiful home designed by Ty Larkins is glorious in all its shades of white with black and neutral accents. Earthy yet modern. Monastic modern as Ty calls it. The basic DNA of this "Belgium style" embraces spareness and natural light, judiciously excludes superfluous details, but retains the use of honest yet substantial building materials, some re-salvaged, seemingly to provide warmth, age and patina but in the context of a clean, pared down shell, a very careful balancing act to say the least. In an effort to balance our all of the newness of this newly constructed home and suggest patina and history, enormous 200-year old plus re-salvaged beams were installed on the 14' tall ceilings in the family room and lightly white-washed to slightly modernize their inherent rusticity. 

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