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A vintage Russian apartment

I found this really cool apartment in Russia on The Village and had to share. The owners - I think they're interior designers from what the translation came up with - decorated this almost to perfection (I have issues with the curtains but I can let that go). Filled with antiques and thrift store finds, the somewhat Parisian decor works so well against the brick walls and herringbone parquet floors. The sleeping lost is a little gem, and I adore the huge art wall and bistro vibe in the kitchen. This would be a fun airbnb.

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Stalking leftovers

Sometimes I feel like I don't have to write an introduction to my stalking leftover posts. You know I'm fussy. You know what I like and dislike. The not quite rights, the can't see enough, the oh my gods. You know what you have to do :) Click on the links to go to the listings. All via

P.S. If I owned the "white house" I'd only wear red.

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More outdoor inspiration

More outdoor inspiration from those lucky Australians who get to enjoy the outdoors year round. Sometimes it makes me want to hate Jo. ;)
Via Homelife (photos: Michael Wee, Lisa Cohen, Prue Ruscoe, Mark Roper, Sharyn Cairns, Lucas Allen) 


Nathan Burkett's garden 

I have landscaping on the brain because the snow has all melted here in Ottawa and I am left with the most embarrassing front lawn in my entire neighbourhood. For whatever reason, in the 75 years since this house was built, no one bothered to landscape aside from sticking 2 evergreen bushes asymmetrically on either side of the front walkway (you can see what I mean here). And I live on a busy street so please Ottawans, don't judge me. I had nothing to do with it. And as soon as I can afford it, some serious landscaping is going to happen. When we were sent these photos, my embarrassment went into overtime. This is one of the most beautiful garden designs I have ever seen. It is the creation of landscape designer Nathan Burkett for this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Titled 'Equilibrium', Nathan’s garden signals a return to soft, usable spaces where greenery is used in place of traditional 'hard' landscaping elements to create structure and symmetry in nature. Some of the garden’s key features include a cantilevered arbor which wraps around the perimeter to create an architectural 'frame' in which the rest of the garden sits. The seating area is paved with intricate stone work which continues along the garden’s base, interspersed with soft lawn areas and a pond which is subtly tiled with Italian glass. The living pergolas (mature deciduous Plane Trees), which stand approximately 3m tall and have been grown over a five year period, represent a return to nature as an architectural centerpiece, using organic material to create the built form. 'The garden is soft with movement and organic elements, while still recreating my signature aesthetic of symmetry and clean, crisp lines.' I am SO inspired by this stunning design. Kudos to Nathan for knocking another one out of the park. 

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Introducing my new best friend Dyson - part 2

I am back to talk a bit more about my new best friend, my cordless Dyson V6 Absolute. I had featured this incredible vacuum last week and showed you what a gem this thing is on carpet. Now I want to show you how awesome it is on hard floors. 

For hard floors the V6 Absolute comes with a soft roller cleaner head - in the photo above it is the one on the top right. It is FANTASTIC! Unlike other vacuum cleaner heads, the soft roller cleaner head has a full-width roller covered in a soft nylon material and rows of carbon fibre filaments. Large debris are enveloped by the soft material and flung inside the cleaner head, while the antistatic qualities of the carbon fibre filaments gently remove fine dust, without damaging your hard floors.

Once again, I found this application of the vacuum to be a game-changer. My former crappy cordless vacuum has so little suction that even dealing with hard floors was a challenge. I had to go over each area several times, mostly to get the larger bits. This cleaner head works like a charm. Above you will see what I regularly have to deal with. On the left are little bits of cat food that regular appear after the herd's feeding time, and on the right is a pile of sawdust scraps that often appear from my husband's woodworking shop in the basement. 


Of course there is an audience. I have realized the more I use this vacuum that it really is not as loud as most vacuums I have owned. That is why cats are always in my photos - the noise does not bother them. And to note, this is my newly painted kitchen so you are getting a glimpse at new blue walls and gold hardware (LOVE!). Anyway, this cleaner head picks up EVERYTHING in site without having to go over the same area again and again. And the cleaner head is made of such soft material and with the way it is designed you never have to worry about it scratching your floors. 

I swear this whole area took me about 5 seconds to vacuum without a spec of dust or cat food left. And the fabric is SO easy to clean off - which is a huge deal for me because cat hair ends up clogging every part of a vacuum used in my house but in this case just running you hands along the fabric heads lets you wipe off any fur/hair/etc that gets caught. My house is all hardwood and tile so this attachment is going to get used all of the time. I love you more each day, V6 Absolute


This post is in collaboration with Dyson Canada. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.