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More from Heide Hendricks

Yesterday I had featured a couple of homes that had been decked out by Connecticut interior designer Heide Hendricks (here and here). Today I thought I would share a bit more of her designs because I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy her traditional spaces. Must be because she gives them a bit of an edge with coloured trim, vintage light fixtures and mid-century chairs. The result is eclectic and unexpected and spaces I would absolutely enjoy hanging out in.  

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Monday's pets on furniture

Sorry dear readers who tune in Mondays in the hopes of finding photos of adorable pets lounging on furniture, but I think this is going to be the last post of this series. I have been doing this for many years now, and submissions have been decreasing to the point where it seems like I should probably call it quits. I had a great time getting to know your pets and the photos have been awesome, a bright light on an otherwise dreadful start of each week. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the years. 

This is Lola. She is a five year old Pug from The Hague Holland. She likes to hang out and watch people on the street on top of my blue vintage Chesterfield couch.
- Rick  

Sir Puss – he is part royalty and part cat model extraordinaire
- Ole & Gen (Victoria, BC) 

This is Barney, one of our four "kiddens". All are rescues. Barney found us on a very hot July day, under the porch of my husband's family home in south Alabama. We love him so much! 
- Gail (Birmingham, Alabama)

Here are a couple I took a few weeks ago, coincidentally both cats caught mid-yawn...

And a quick update about my 3 feral kitties. They're doing is a slow process but they are noticeably less stressed by my presence. I have faith in Georgie, Frankie and Bernie that they'll become big affectionate babies like my other 5, and will be perfect adoption candidates. 

Georgie, the last cat we rescued, and the shyest pre-rescue, to my surprise was immediately the boldest one post-rescue. I had to back up a bit to get this photo, that's how close she/he was to me here. So freaking cute, it's killing me to not be able to squeeze the crap out of them. 

Georgie loves catnip. It is a tool I plan to use to drug them all so they won't know the wiser. ;) Look closely and you'll see all three. 

Bernie was the friendliest outside, who had let me pet her for a couple of months before the rescue. She's not really into being touched now that I have ruined her life, and that breaks my heart. But she'll do just about anything for chicken. She came out of the cardboard structure after I snapped this photo and ate with me right there. 


Stalking in the hinterland

The best of both worlds. A bushland setting back from the ocean. A tree change with easy access to a sea change. The location is Flinders, a town south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. I'm still stalking but instead of rolling waves it's rolling hills. The house is by b.e. architecture and now leaves me with a conundrum. Which property will I buy from the proceeds of the bank heist I will have to pull to be able to afford either of them? Link here while it lasts.

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Stalking by the sea

Oh the view! Oh the position metres from the beach! Oh the house! Oh my! I have no words to describe this house by Clinton Murray with gardens by Will Dangar. I'm stalking Newport on the northern beaches of Sydney and I'm planning a bank heist to finance this sea change fantasy. Thanks to Andrea my stalking buddy for the listing. Link here while it lasts.

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From the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market 

Last weekend was the Spring 2015 Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market and I was there helping my husband with his booth and snapping photos before the show opened. We had a blast, met alot of great visitors and vendors, and my husband sold some of his radios so it was a successful weekend. I thought I would share some photos of what I came home with and some other goodies I spotted at the show. 

Me! My t-shirt by Anna of Door Sixteen (from her Society6 shop K IS FOR BLACK.) was a hit. :-)

I got a great deal from a former advertiser, Ed Haldorsen, on this gorgeous African teak coffee table. Made in Canada By Imperial. It needs some sanding and oiling so it is yet another project to tackle this spring/summer. 

The glasses and teak tray were from a vendor whose name I can't recall (they sell at the Almonte flea market), and the West German vase and glass etched decanters were a steal from the kind vendor across the aisle from us, Peter Frampton. 

I also found this vintage Fly-Tox ad that is really cool and now needs framing (I have a ridiculous amount of art piling up since moving to this house that needs framing and hanging). From Montréal shop Décadisme.

Each time this show comes to town, I always have to check out the Samantha Howard Vintage booth. She has the most incredible collection of modernist and brutalist Scandi/Finnish/Canadian jewelry (along with pottery/ceramics) and I can never resist picking up something. This time it was a Finnish ring and a gorgeous bronze hinged necklace by Hannu Ikonen. 

This is my husband's booth for his company Daff Design. He guts vintage, non-working radios and builds custom speaker boxes with an amp and Bluetooth to fit inside. They sound amazing (IMHO). He is currently working on this full time and it has been a bit slow-going but there was so much enthusiasm and positive feedback at the show and he sold several of them (and ended up with a TV spot and an article in the Ottawa Citizen). I'm really proud of him. :)

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