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Flickr finds - Ikea's Expedit shelving

Now that my kitchen is complete, I have been thinking about other rooms in my house that desperately need help. My bedroom is a biggie. It is so hideous right now. Pale yellow walls, and last March I ripped out the huge closet that I didn't need. This is essentially what it's looked like since then.

For the wall you see there, across from the bed, I'm thinking of shelving to house the knick knacks I love but don't go anywhere else in the house, and for all my magazines that to my horror, currently reside in the dungeon/basement. I'm leaning towards 2 white Ikea Expedit shelving units (the 16 cube ones). So for my Flickr finds today, I thought I'd see how people are using their Expedits bookshelves.

birds & treesChez Larsson
Lil_Miss_CupcakeI heart Norwegian Wood
jrcraftpaper pony
promosinasnapmy little apartment

All About Eve





I heart Norwegian Wood

I'd like to use a couple/few cubes along the bottom for cat beds, because I'm hoping it'll get at least some of the cats off the bed at night so I can have room to move. One of the photos above, ernmcc's, shows what I mean, but then I found this one....




It's Australia Day on Monday. Picked up a few packets of our "national dish" to celebrate.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Lora Carr emailed us to let us in on one of her favourite artists and OMG Kim and I are so glad she did! Memphis artist, Johnny Taylor is my new crush. Must have his art!!!

  • Adam Brown from Etsy emailed. "In the spirit of love giving, Etsy has created a project called Special Delivery. In a nutshell, this Valentine's Day, we're teaming up with Citymeals-on-Wheels to bring nutritious meals, handmade greeting cards and companionship to thousands of homebound elderly New Yorkers. Our goal is to collect 18,000 greeting cards, one for each person that Citymeals services. Then, on Valentine's Day, several of us will be volunteering at Citymeals, delivering said meals and cards, and spending some time with our elders to help brighten their day. To reach our goal, we'll need as much help as possible. We've created a badge and a Flickr group to help publicize our efforts. You can read more about the project here." Spread the love!

  • Celine is an interior decorator from Muskoka, ON, dedicated to greening her industry. Pure Green is her blog regularly featuring green design, eco-DIY, green style guides (Getting the ECO-STYLE), images from her portfolio and new green products. You don't have to sacrifice looks to be green!

  • Dakota Jackson is an American designer and manufacturer of high-end furniture. Gorgeous! Don't you just want to slide into the oh so stylish IKO sectional.

  • Lushpad is a marketplace to buy and sell contemporary and mid-century modern furniture and fine art and OMG I love it all. Now which one will I purchase in my dreams? Thanks for taunting me Melanie!

  • "A true focal piece in any room, this stunning pouf is covered in hundreds of laser-cut wool flowers to create a unique and functional piece." The website doesn't lie! Lana Wool Ottoman at Modern Dose.

  • Maya's blog Completely Coastal celebrates the sea with decor, art, crafts and interior design, an inspiration and shopping blog for people who love the sea. Drop over and say hi!

  • Bailey Doesn’t Bark is a contemporary wares, textiles and paper line by artist and designer, Re Jin Lee. Inspired by her own life, Re Jin Lee aims to create simple, but uniquely beautiful and humorous designs on functional products. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Re Jin Lee has launched a collection of Postcups, white porcelain cups designed to be sent like postcards. Hi, love you, miss you, thinking of you, wish you were here...


Happy weekend!

Those of us trying to endure winter, stay warm. Those trying to endure a humid summer (ie. Jo, you b*tch), stay cool. I might go make me a nice hot cup of coffee....with Baileys...

(Photo below has nothing to do with this conversation, it's just awful purty)

UPDATE: The coffee is goooooooood....


Tria Giovan

New York photographer Tria Giovan's portfolio is chock full of photographic wonderment. I typically prefer photos with more contrast, but the spaces and vignettes are so simple yet stunning that I got over that pretty quick. Love the little window seat, the small window in the blue and white bedroom, and how cute that the antique coffee table has children's drawings on it.


Simple stalking

Simplicity is calling me. A life stripped of frou frou and excessive trinkets. A neutral colour palette with texture for interest. Clean lines and .... a kick ass harbour view. Built in 1888 the Station Master's House is a Sydney icon. Recently sold at auction it confirms for me that life should be simple but fabulous. I love that these owners did not compete with what has to be one of the most amazing views of the harbour I have seen. I shudder to think what the price was. Link here while it lasts.