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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?



  • Bemz have released a new line - Loose Fit Country Style. Part shabby chic, part English rose, a dash rural French. Taking IKEA in another direction. Scandinavian goes farmhouse.


  • If casual beach style with layering of raw naturals, recycled timbers, rattan, corals and shells makes you quake at the knees then Kate and Emma at Island Style Living are kindred spirits. So evocative of Aussie beachside holiday living. The memories!! Online store with simply gorgeous (and simple in their beauty) pieces for your home. Shells are my weakness!


  • I also have a weakness for the brutal and the natural, the rough with the smooth and furniture that is more sculpture than big box cookie cutter. Love the work of New York based John Houshmand.

  • Haus Interior let me count the ways I love you. I so wish that I could walk through your doors and shop shop shop. I guess there is always online. Summer 2010 stock in store now. Wire vase you will be mine :)




  • Award winning British textile designer Selina Rose’s new 2010 collection is a cool mix of eye popping colour, simple yet sophisticated, nature-inspired pattern and her trademark fretwork-like felt cut-outs. Love love love!


Happy Friday everyone! I've got a busy weekend ahead filled with errands, chores around the house and other boring stuff. Hope you all have better things planned. :) Thought I'd share some more photos from the fabulous French site du côté de chez vous (previous post here). FYI: They have lots of great small space solutions (some photos included below) for those of you who have emailed us begging for help in that area.


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Chris Dyson and a sense of time and place

Buildings have a sense of place and time. They relate to where they are, when they are and vice versa. Buildings have a past and a future and the whole complex web winds around the inhabitants and the environment. Architect Chris Dyson and his team take pride in the sense of place of a building whether it is a Georgian reno in Spitalfields, London or a large development in China. What I love about his portfolio the most is his reworking of traditional buildings in a modern way. Taking their past into a future by understanding what they were, are and what they could become. No foisting a purpose or "persona" on them. No bowing or breaking. Just fulfilling and freeing.




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Reader request - bathroom vanities

Sorry for my lack of reader request posts lately - things have been a little hairy for me (and with 9 cats now I mean that in every sense of the word). This one comes from Brooke: "I have one request: bathroom vanity's using antique dressers. I am renting an apartment, and going to school to become a designer... and once I am all done and find a place of my own - I will be sure to find a fixer upper... and in that fixer upper will be many fab finds such as a vintage dresser vanity!" I adore dressers repurposed as vanities so I was shocked to find out I didn't have that many photos of this brilliant idea. So below are some vintage dressers, tables, maybe some not so vintage dressers, and even an Ikea kitchen island. (The last photo after the jump has been a favourite of mine for a loooong time).

Sköna hem Elle Decor
Nuevo Estilo Mark Olson
Kristen Buckingham House and Garden
Kara Mann Sunset
Sunset Sunset

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