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Easter reading guide part 4

chocolate overdose!

The final day! What a long weekend. I love them but they are so tiring! I have eaten so much chocolate and so much seafood (and a little too much wine to wash it down) that I can see me having to run up and down the stairs at work for weeks to atone for my excesses. Today's beverage of choice to sip on during my blog adventures is ginger tea, so refreshing yet calming and perfect for when you've overindulged like I have. Help yourself to a cup and come with me on the last part of our holiday reading guide.












Easter reading guide part 3

... help yourself

Part 3 of the holiday reading already? I hope you've saved room for more fabulous blogs. After a leisurely breakfast with my husband today will be all about chocolate ... lots of chocolate. I promise the sensible eating starts again tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday. Enjoy!












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Easter reading guide part 2


... bliss!

Second day of our four day holiday reading guide blogarama. I'm already eyeing off the easter eggs. Can I make it till tomorrow before a chocolate blow out? Hell no!! I'm tucking in to eggs and blogs. Join me? I bags the dark chocolate eggs though :)












Easter reading guide part 1

... hot cross buns

Holiday time is reading guide time on Desire to Inspire. All year round I flit from blog to blog, lurking but loving what I find. As I write this I have a pot of peppermint tea beside me and I'm thinking of warming some hot cross buns. Care to join me for a cuppa and a visit to some wonderful blogs?