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Llamas' valley

I had plans for a post today but due to some totally inconvenient technical difficulties I had to come up with something else. A little while ago we received an email and I thought I'd share it with you today as Plan B. It comes from Alge: I would like to present you our e-magazine "Llamas' valley". Our motto is: perfect places / imperfect people. We write about interior design, decor, art, fashion, food. We started with six Lithuanian issues of the magazine, and we have published the first English edition just before Christmas. Our team consists of 3 members: that would be me, I'm the editor, my husband Eligijus is a designer, and our friend Augis makes the beautiful images. LOVE it. And love that motto. Here are some photos to get you hooked.

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Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! This week's problem comes from Leigh. I know you can come up with some great ideas.

I am stuck with my fab new room, which is an extension on the back of my house, adjoining the kitchen. It has glass doors all along the back looking onto the garden. It is approx 20 x 12 feet in size but I do not know how to arrange it, or where to start. I have new oak floor, plan on a wood burner eventually, have white blinds on the windows, walls are creamy white. I have 2 arm chairs which I can recover, a leather sofa, and aim to buy another sofa, plus some other furniture. But what? Help!


Aaron Hom encore

We love a good stylist on DTI but Aaron Hom isn't a good stylist. Just joking. Aaron Hom is a great stylist. Jo has shared his work before (here and here) but when I stumbled on his website again this week there were even more fabulous photos. I can't think of a better way to end a less than wonderful week than with the  more than wonderful styling of Aaron Hom. Is it just me or is anyone else really loving the midcentury classics in so many of these? Platner chairs anyone?




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Modern terrace stalking

What! Stalking two days in a row? At last the real estate market has woken up from its post Christmas stupor and interesting properties are starting to pop up on website pages. Today's stalking is a Woollahra, Sydney terrace. I love the seamless transition from kitchen to courtyard then on to a separate office space/guest house at the rear. Love the bookcase wall, the lap pool and I think I could just about force myself to drink coffee and read the papers on a Sunday morning under that lovely tree. Link here while it lasts.

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Some heart and some home

It's been a pretty busy week so far, and it's going to be an interesting weekend - looks like a trip to Hamilton (or at least a meeting halfway) is happening to bring my stray cat to her new home. Wanda, an absolute angel, has offered to provide this poor cat the home and the love she deserves and I can't wait for the 2 of them to start a new part of their lives together (dammit I'm tearing up). On the subject of hearts and homes, here are some lovely photos from UK online magazine Heart Home (see more in this post).

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