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Genevieve Wiseman

Genevieve Wiseman is a prop stylist from Toronto who has worked for some of my favourite Canadian magazines like House & Home and Style at Home, and has worked with several photographers we've featured. She was kind enough to send over some more photos than she currently has on her website. So pretty, and so beautifully styled. Lovely Genevieve!


Clifton Interiors

It's contemporary. It's exacting in it's detail and holistic in it's approach. It's about bespoke joinery, custom furniture, architecture and interior and garden design. It's about large scale projects and small intimate jobs. It's London and it's now. It's Clifton Interiors.

(These images are by architectural photographer Graham Gaunt. While you're there don't miss his person work. Hauntingly beautiful unpopulated spaces are a great contrast to his shots of high end design.)


Ludwig Designs

England's grand houses, gardens and parks are the stuff of novels. They hold an almost fairytale appeal. For Ludwig Design, who specialise in these fine old buildings, "Decoration, for us, always springs from the property itself - where it is, its epoch, and its architectural ‘given’. We impose no rigid, imperious ‘designer style’. On the contrary, we believe that each venerable home serves as its own particular guide. The secret is always there. One needs only to seek it out. And on discovery, a property’s latent potential, its power to bewitch and enthrall, can be dramatically revealed for all to see.” The website is charming, mixing inspiration and reality, weaving stories through the rooms. Modern day encroaches but is always subsumed. Don't miss their renderings. Beautiful.


Flickr finds - garland

There's something about garland that just gets me all riled a good way. I LOVE it as holiday decor, for everyday use, whatever. I've been trying to think of how I could incorporate some in my home. In the meantime, I went hunting around Flickr. I will SO get some to decorate for Christmas next year at the very least.

catmilDacia Ray
hopskipjumpVeronica TM


Running, stalking and not winking

It's that time of the year. It's crazy!!! Parties, simple get togethers, shopping and cleaning. The presents are bought (we haven't gone overboard) but there's still the food and the house is a mess. Friends want to catch up for drinks and I'm running round in circles. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. So .... I have no winks prepared for today. As way of apology I thought I'd share a recent real estate stalk. Paddington, Sydney, way out of my price range but white and quirky and cool and so comfy casual. Now if we could only all meet up here for christmas drinks. Wait I need to pop out for more nibbles. (Here while it lasts.)

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WINKS will be taking a break through the holiday period but will be back in the new year. I couldn't go though without saying "Why didn't anyone tell me that Another Shade of Grey is back?" I love this blog and really missed it when Julie stopped blogging back in April. Now she's back! (Since October and I only found out a couple of weeks ago. At least I had quite a few posts to enjoy.) So pop on over and be inspired. You probably all knew already. Maybe I'm just late to the party. Party? Oh I am running late for drinks. Bye!