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Darryl Wilson

It's Hollywood Hip. Not particularly Hollywood Regency, although there are elements here. It's sleek and happening, all cool with endless views from the Hollywood Hills. Think groovy. Think stylin' baby. Drinks by the pool and beautiful people on the rise. Interior designer Darryl Wilson's work isn't a cliche. It's just the Hollywood dream.





Kristen Buckingham

"Kristen Buckingham LLC brings a distinctly modern and fresh take to designing interiors, putting tasteful personality back into the home and imparting a more comfortable sense of scale to even the largest of spaces. While each space looks effortlessly chic, each room has been carefully composed, fusing modern and traditional elements—creating a timeless and harmonious balance." Kristen's portfolio is filled with nothing but elegant yet livable spaces and if you're as intrigued by bold patterned textiles as I am then you'll appreciate the photos below.



It's all about location, location, location

The old adage is true especially if this "fisherman's shack" is in your price range. OMG the view, the boathouse, the wonderful retro vibe of the main house. If you buy this for $4 million (yes! that's not a typo) please spend a little more on the interiors (or employ a better photographer AND a stylist for the next photo shoot) to make the dream complete. I can tell you I won't be the new owner! Just a little too out of my price range. Link here while it lasts.

This post has been brought to you by sunny Australia where it's warm and wonderful. Sorry all those under a blanket of thick wet snow. I'm so cruel ;)


Emily's bedroom dilemma

I mentionned in my post on Christmas Eve that Emily was looking for some help with her bedroom but that things were too nuts at the time for me to go through my vast photo stash. Well, things are slightly less nuts now so I thought I'd finally help her out. Here's what she wrote us: "Here's my dilemma...my bedroom is set up where the best place for the bed is in front of a window. The window is about the exact width of the bed. I would really like to have a headboard on my bed and drapes on the window, but I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to do that. I need ideas!! Could you possibly post a group of shots showcasing beds with headboards in front of windows?" I found quite a few images that should help provide a bit of inspiration. Personally I think headboards are overrated, especially in the case when the bed sits in front of a window which acts as a headboard. I think hanging flowy drapes and hooking them on each side frames a bed-in-a-window quite nicely and omits the need for a headboard. But that's just me. Or do nothing but stick your bed in place. As you'll see below, that works too.

Bolig Magasinet design*sponge

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Lucas Allen

Angie Hranowsky

Tracey Butler


Daniel M Pafford


Light Locations

Sköna hem

Bookwalter Photography


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Aaron Hom

Stylists - the partners in crime of photographers, responsible for the looks we love in magazines. Everything is perfect, the room is wonderful. Oh we want our homes to be just as lovely, just as stylish! Actually I'd love a home as light and bright as the one just below. It belongs to today's stylist Aaron Hom. While you're at his website don't miss his tabletop portfolio. So pretty.