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Pared back chic

Sometimes a girl can overindulge. Sometimes she just can't help herself as she dives into a design portfolio that is just image after image of beautiful spaces. If gorgeous rooms had calories I'd be a goner. Thank God interior designer Stephen Knollenberg creates rooms that are elegant in their simplicity and chic in their pared back balance between old and new. There is something calm and sophisticated, light and yet welcoming about these rooms. So beautifully curated. Sigh ....


Party day

I'd like to wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day. On this day I hope you're all hanging out at a cottage consuming exorbitant amounts of beer and having a fun day off. It's supposed to thunderstorm here in the nation's capital which will put a wee bit of a damper (ha) on festivities down at Parliament Hill. Anyhoo, in keeping with the theme of the day, I thought I'd post some photos of red and white spaces. Enjoy - and don't drink and drive kids.

Lucas AllenLucas Allen
Lynn MorganDexter Hodges
Oberto GiliNicolas Mathéus
Apartment TherapyJason Loucas
Paul CostelloBrian Andriola


Kathryn Russell

Photographer Kathryn Russell has a passion for her work. It shows doesn't it. She creates images that draw you into her world of products and food and these gorgeous spaces. What colour! Yum! And the light. It's so soft and warm. OK I'm off to devour Kathryn's food portfolio. Enjoy.


Latest from KNQ Associates

Stan of the blog Home Rejuvenation and the interior design firm KNQ Associates emailed the other day to share with us one of their latest projects. I am really digging this one. They were asked to create a cool, relaxing space which would showcase the owner's collection of Asian art objects as well as offer them respite from a busy lifestyle. "Here, we've created a home where filtered, ambient light creates an almost ethereal feel. This is further enhanced through a strategic use of soft colors, high gloss finishes and tinted glass. The result is truly minimalist but not cold, with the injection of textured surfaces and bright tones around the house." It's modern, timeless and each touch they've added is functional and beautiful.

So let's start with the entrance. Here is a before photo.

"Upon entry into the house, a deep-colored enveloping ceiling structure joining up with a glass partition becomes apparent. This structure connects to a lengthy, full height storage unit which also showcases the owners' prized possession of horse figurines at the dining area."

I am totally in love with that shoe cabinet. What a fantastic use of the space!

Now for the living and dining spaces. Here they are before:

"On the advice of a Feng Shui master, the sofa and dining set were to be positioned apart at both ends of the living space. In response, a TV swivel system was created to demarcate the two areas and offers entertainment from every corner of the apartment, including the kitchen. Most of the furniture were brought over from the owners' previous home on our advice."

That swiveling TV set up is GENIUS!!! It works so well in this space. WOW! And that pop of orange in the dining room is fabulous.

They even worked some magic on the corridor to the bedrooms. Here it is before and after:

"Two bedrooms were combined to create a larger master bedroom. A sliding wardrobe system was recreated to provided much needed storage space while concealing the existing toilet entry at one section - another Feng Shui requirement."

"The original entry to a 3rd bedroom was demolished to create an open study area. A raised wooden 'runway' erected along the bedroom corridor leads into this area."

Great space - especially the little reading/napping niche behind the desk. Impressive work as always Stan and Kus!!


Behind the curtain

What's hiding behind the curtain in São Paulo, Brazil? Rodrigo from Brazilian architectural firm Rosenbaum sent us their latest commercial project Nicota Restaurante. Stunning! So many ideas to use in your home as well. Look at that owl wallpaper, the lampshades, the mix of traditional with modern with lashings of boho. Love the vibe coming out of Brazil at the moment and Rosenbaum are at its forefront.