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John Paul Urizar

The week is winding up and what a way to finish. These stunning photographs by Sydney based John Paul Urizar have it all. We've featured John Paul's work before but a recent revisit revealed more fabulous shots. Love the light, the composition, the fact that they are so luscious you just want to jump through the screen and start living in them. It's a modern funky vibe captured so expertly through Urizar's lens. Don't forget the rest of the portfolio ..... yum.


More Simon Carver

So as promised, here is more of Harts Lane. This is the 2 story studio behind the main cottage. Where the cottage was bathed in white and mostly pale colours (the black wall in the kitchen being the exception), this is dark, moody and very funky. I don't know which I adore more.

I'm also including some photos of Simon's other interior design works below because they were too fabulous not to feature. I mean, why stop now?


Simon Carver

We received an email from Brigid, who wanted to tell us about her friend Simon Carver. Seems Simon and his partner Stuart have a cottage in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia which is avail for rent, called Harts Lane. They renovated and decorated it themselves, and it was featured in Inside Out magazine some time ago. There are 2 dwellings on the site, a white Victorian cottage and a black modern extension 'Cube' studio space. The house was decorated with a bit of a country style with artwork by local artists, and features a gourmet kitchen with a polished concrete countertop. The homes, inside and out, are incredible. I have to admit, when I finally got my hands on some photos, I was giddy with excitement to share these with you. This is for sure on my top 5 list of favourite spaces I've ever posted on DTI. Seriously, it's that good. Good enough that this post is of photos of the cottage, and a post later today will be of the studio. See for yourselves. :) (A big thanks to Brigid, Simon and Phil!!)


Martin Morrell

You may recognise these first photos as the home of Carolyn Quartermaine but these ethereal shots are the work of photographer Martin Morrell. Martin captures intriguing rooms in an equally intriguing way. The light is other worldly. The rooms are almost embued with a personality and colours are crisp and jewel like or faded and moody. His travel portfolio is just as captivating. Wonderful work.


Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel Montes de Oca is a young architect from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who emailed us recently. He just began his independent career, having worked for an architect before, and wanted to share with us his first work. It's the design of a small apartment for a young man who was on a tight budget. Juan Manuel designed EVERYTHING - the sofa, table, lighting, all but the Jacobsen chairs. I am so impressed. I adore the low wall unit that runs the length of the space - ideal for HIFI storage and propping artwork. I am also quite taken with the dining table and how it attaches to the wall.

Juan Manuel also included some photos of a small boutique he designed 2 years ago that is so sleek and modern I had to share it too.

Thank you so much Juan Manuel for sharing your work with us. I think you've got a very successful career ahead of you!