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Monday's pets on furniture - part 1

If you'd like to send us photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off...and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it's dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to and PLEASE don't send me closeups of your pet!)

"Kitty loves to curl up for a nap or sit on the back of the sofa in our living room. We love the mid-century feel of this charcoal sofa - even if it doesn't hide her hair all that much."
- Matthew (Nashville, TN)

"The pet is our cat called Taxi and the piece of furniture is my cheap white Ikea-seat that I have for more than ten years now. The kid is our daughter, Esmée. This picture is taken in July 2009, a few days before her first birthday. Although this scene suggests otherwise, Taxi and Esmée get along fine."
- Alexandra (Antwerp, Belgium)

"Tessie taking a siesta after a big swim in the coy pond."
- Dan (Brookline, MA)

"I saw this sweet pooch one day while I was at our local rock quarry getting some nice stones for our aquarium. This is the waiting room.  I don't remember his name but the owners assured me that no one else was allowed in the chair!"
- Rebecca (Portland, Oregon)

"This is Mike my 4 years old Boston Terrier."
- Julia (Venezuela)

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I've been stalking Swedish real estate sites again. Look here's a new one (well new to me)! Is the whole Scandi white thing over? Does it still give you goose bumps? I know it still tugs at my design heart. These days though I am loving natural floors, old timber, patina but, hey, white floors are still fab. I love the vibe of this home. Small but stylish, simple but just perfect for an inner city lifestyle. Please, please Santa if you are reading can I have that knitted throw for Christmas? Yummy! Link here.

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Modern Light

It seems I've been a bit busy around the city these days, despite the fact that I'm about ready to hibernate from yet another dreadful Ottawa winter. First there was the Third World Bazaar that I visited (a couple of times) last week where I scored some awesome finds, and then this week there was an opening of a lighting store that I was SO excited about and an annual fabric flea market (to benefit the Cambridge Street Community School) that I anxiously await each year. Let me start off with the lighting store. 

There once was a store called Found Design. It sold mainly vintage mid-century furnishings and lighting and I loved to visit this store whenever I was shopping around Bank Street. I of course made some purchases there every now and then (a Panton-esque lamp, a repro Componibili storage unit, a vintage Eames shell chair, some retro fabric and a Witco wooden cat, and a bamboo screen). Sadly Found Design is now only a web-based shop BUT in it's place is Modern Light! They carry all sorts of brands I've always admired and drooled over such as Modernica, Flos, Jonathan Adler, Lotte, Luceplan, Studio Italia, Moooi and others. They don't just carry lighting but furniture, accessories and artwork (much from local Ottawa artists which is really cool). Modern Light's grand opening was Thursday night and I had a great time attempting to take photos of lights in a artificially-lit store at night. (LOL) So you'll have to excuse the mess of some of the photos below but I had no clue how to deal with the lighting situation. So here are a ton of photos from the opening of what is now the absolute coolest lighting shop in Ottawa.

**Many more photos of Modern Light and my fabric finds after the jump.


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... getting the measure of things

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?


  • Carolina Fontoura Alzaga makes elegant, victorian inspired chandeliers out of recycled bike parts. Steampunk beauties to make a statement.  I would kill for one of these!



  • FDV Collection has teamed up with the premier Italian textile manufacturer Rubelli to create these oh so glam pendants and floor lamps,  Alexandria and Damasco. Very different from the bicycle pendants above but referencing the same past with a modern take. Available through Leucos.




  • How wonderfully wild and whimsical are these?!! OTT ;) Sally Bridge, a former fashion designer is now designing and making rustic modern, wrought iron furniture. See more at Sally Bridge Metal.

  • Have you been to see the new Australian based online magazine Adore Home yet? If you haven't then grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a treat. (Great for Aussie sources too when it comes to getting the look.)

A little bit of rustic on a Friday

It's been a bit of a trying week, and I thought I'd keep things simple for today's post. I've always been drawn to spaces with lots of rustic charm, and there are so many wonderful rustic homes featured in the French magazine Art & Décoration which I manage to find at a couple book/mag shops here in Ottawa. So to end off the work week, sit back, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the following photos...

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