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Diane Bergeron

Many of you may already be familiar with Diane Bergeron. Interior design services and fabric showroom are labels that don't do justice to her fab, eclectic, high meets low, flea market with glam style. It's colourful, fun and always cheeky just like all the best things Australian. Her website is a treat and her blog gives you an insight into the hectic but stylish day to day of her firm. As rep for some of the most innovative fabric collections coming out of the States (think Rubie Green, Madeline Weinrib, Of the Young and the Restless, John Robshaw and Carolina Irving) her Melbourne showroom is a mecca for designers and style mavens in the know. Here is just a taste of her work. Please Santa can I have that wall of books for Christmas?


Lighting completed

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out my kitchen remodel blog for an archive of previous posts. I posted recently about the arrival of the appliances and some other odds and ends, and now for the completed lighting.

The lighting and wiring in my new kitchen is FINALLY completed. Everyone always says how key lighting is in a space and guess what? They're RIGHT!! The kitchen looked great once the cabinets were in but now that it's properly lit, WOW - the cabinets look even more fabulous. What a difference from the old kitchen, with one ceiling fan with 3 lights, and a lamp on the counter. Now I have 9 potlights, 3 pendants, 2 wall lamps and under-cabinet light strips. Funny thing is now that the kitchen is so well lit, all the other rooms have such crappy lighting in comparison.

Here are a few photos of the kitchen taken right after the electrician finished up (hood fan was mid-installation).

The pendants I bought at Crawford Alexander turned out to be a perfect fit with the look I was going for. They are industrial and fun and quirky...and since I have no dining table yet, everyone is cursing them because we've all bashed our heads on them numerous times. I have regular bulbs in them but because of the shape of them they give off hardly any light so I have to pick up some floodlights to use instead.

To see the rest of the lighting in place, including my Tolomeos which I am totally in love with, click HERE.


Phyllis Asher

The look is a little more traditional than we've been featuring lately but New York prop stylist Phyllis Asher has a portfolio that is rich and lush. Whether the grandeur of traditional homes or a clean and contemporary feel her styling adds that something extra to these rooms. And yes like all my favourite stylists her food portfolio is delicious. Enjoy!


Another Binky update

I posted here and here about my friend Jenny's cat Binky who was adopted by one of our readers, Laurel. Jenny just sent me an email Laurel sent her that included the first photos Jenny has received of Binky. Laurel's email made my tear up because I am so relieved at the outcome and that I was able to help save a kitty. I thought I would include some of it because some readers were wondering how Binky was doing. It's a very happy ending and I couldn't be more pleased. Now I've just got to get Laurel to send me photos of Binky strategically placed around her loft so I can use it for a "cat on furniture" post. :)

"Just wanted to send you some photos that Brendan took of Binky in his new home. He’s very comfortable here now. He sleeps with us every night. Just before we head to bed, we turn on the electric blanket to warm up the bed, and he knows that means it’s almost bedtime, so he jumps on the bed and helps warm it up. He loves sleeping on the electric blanket, it keeps us all so warm. When we first get in bed, he crawls up by our shoulders and we both pet him. Then when it’s lights out and time to sleep, he crawls to the foot of the bed and sleeps there all night. Then at about 6:45, he starts to crawl around our shoulders, and walk across our pillows. Sometimes he flops on the pillow on top of my hair! He makes quite a noise until we get up to feed him. He’s the most vocal cat I’ve ever known. He chirps and chirps all day long. He spends most of the day lying on the rug in our office in between our desks. He goes back and forth between us, getting all the petting and attention he can! Such a big baby. He’s just a super kitty and we’re so lucky to have him!"


Mini winks

I've got to make this a quick post because I am scrambling to get my house in order now that the kitchen reno is winding down. It's SO good to have furniture in place again, and for things to be CLEAN. I thought I'd start with some ideas for Christmas gifts for the guys in our lives. Because we all know how tough they are to shop for. Here are some ideas from 2Modern (click on photos for details).

I posted about Colleen Duffley's work last year, and her friend Molly emailed today with a heads-up on Colleen's latest project: "Colleen is actually starting a new studio (Studio b!) in early 2009 that will be more of a cultural/ lifestyle venue; bringing in top photographers, designers, chefs, authors, musicians, and artists for classes and seminars, events, as well as gallery exhibitions. Studio b will be doing cooking classes, photography classes, for adults and kids... and really establish a venue for creativity. The first event that Studio b. is hosting is an online photo exhibiton of people's first shot of the new year, which must be taken from a cell phone camera! We have been working hard to get the word out, so it will be fun to see how many we get and from what corner of the world!! The website is new, so we will be updating constantly." Details are below - what a great idea!!

Neece Clark is an artist based out of Seattle who creates unique fine-art wall designs and original paintings for clients. Check out samples of her paintings here, murals here and great gift ideas in her shop. Below are some of my favourites (so pretty!!).