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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Sexy legs! OMG what sexy legs. The House of Habit can take the simply beautiful to the sublime. Whether the same leathers as Prada uses, hand painted, metal or crystal encrusted they are pure luxury.

  • Gorgeous home accessories from Danish label nord are now available at Le Souk. If you haven't been to Danielle's stylish webshop then you're in for a treat. Based in The Netherlands Danielle ships world-wide. Too tempting! She has such a wonderful eye. Love it all.

  • Normann Copenhagen presents the Mormor/Grandma series designed by Gry Fager. Inspired by textiles it's a humorous and functional series just right for breakfast, lunch or for a picnic. Talk about granny chic. You can find it at Dansk Design.

  • GSelect .... it's supposed to be all about style for the boys but if minimalist, form follows function and drop dead gorgeous modern design ticks your boxes then there are plenty of luxury lovelies for you on this site.

  • I'm smitten by Gesa Hansen's current furniture collection "The Hansen Family". Home grown wood, handmade furniture, new Scandinavian design. Love the desk! More here.

  • Mesmerised by the photography of Myla Kent. Coloured smoke (incense) curling away. You'll find them at her Etsy shop.


Latest from Christopher Gaona

Interior designer Christopher Gaona emailed us about his latest project that I thought I'd share with you all to end of this work week. "Purely interior design, gutted the original space down to the studs. Minimal Decoration emphasis but a fun project for a couple of recent empty nesters here in Los Angeles." Wonderful details in the ceiling and all those built-ins. Thanks Chris!

(See more of his work here and here).


Julien Oppenheim

As seen earlier today we often feature beautiful spaces from the portfolios of talented photographers. And these spaces are most often perfectly styled for magazine spreads. This is not one of those posts. Since first blogging the works of photographer Julien Oppenheim I've been a huge fan of his. He brings so much drama and intrigue and moodiness to his photos that the subject matter comes second. He could photograph a rock and I'd still be smitten. He emailed to let us know his website has been updated and once again I am in awe, especially since his new photos are of REAL spaces that are very simple and this brings his skills to the forefront. So this post isn't really about interiors, but about photography, and I'm taking notes.


Trent Bell

It's the light. The relationship between the dark and shade, the bright sun slanting through a window. It's a crispness that matches the crisp fresh rooms. Can you almost smell the bath salts, the flowers in the vase? It's the earthy rich smell of polished wood and leather, the silence of a darkened room. Can you hear the wind in the fir trees? Feel the sun on your skin? All this from a simple image. All this from the work of photographer Trent Bell.


Caryn Grossman

Caryn Grossman of CG Creative Interiors emailed us recently with photos of her absolutely incredible home and design studio in Atlanta that I am SO EXCITED to share. It's located in an old telephone factory listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. I love what Caryn had to say about it in her email: "What I love most about the spaces in the building is that they are left raw -- old concrete floors, peeling walls, columns and beams -- so that every artist in the building can create their own imprint. Mine is like an ever-evolving installation, a kind of bohemian Paris apartment. To me, home is a place where my mind, and my hands, just wander free. And I love it." I LOVE IT TOO!!! She constantly changes things around, and a friend of hers calls it a lab because she's always experimenting with just about anything. It's so funky, dramatic, creative, feminine and, well, HOT. So here we go, a tour of Caryn's pad. (I can feel the pangs of jealousy from y'all already, and mine have yet to subside.)