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I'm actually on a few days off at the moment. Not the "few days off, book a room at the beach" type days off but the "sew the roman blinds, upholster the day bed, change out the drawer pulls in the bathroom " kind of days off. Right now, as I'm covered in navy paint and finishing the second roman blind does not look at all appealing, I can always dream that I've booked into JIA, Shanghai. After a hard day's shopping in one of China's most exciting cities perhaps a little room service before venturing out for even more shopping. Would someone shanghai me to Shanghai? Please?

Images from JIA, Shanghai


Polly Wreford

Polly Wreford's portfolio is filled with beautiful photographs of bright and airy spaces. I love all of them, and I've got to admit that she has photographed some of the most incredible bedrooms I've ever seen.


Fiona Newell Weeks

Stepping into a room by Fiona Newell Weeks is like stepping into a box of Ladurée macarons. Rich, intense and at times surprising colours are a signature of her work. Creative and with great attention to detail, she describes her rooms as traditional with a twist. Pattern too is paramount, layered and curated and often just as vibrant as the colour palette.


Tim Griffith

Every so often a photographer's portfolio holds something more than pretty pictures of rumbled beds and blowsy flowers. Every so often I find myself experiencing the great buildings of the world through another person's eyes. Tim Griffith is an Aussie architectural photographer who has captured the work of the world's leading architects. Tim thought his work might be a tad too purist for you but he has some stunning residential photos to tempt you in. It's when you get to his website that you can marvel at the work of architects such as Renzo Piano (love love love the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea), WOHA and Frank Gehry. Don't miss his historical portfolio either for a glimpse at the architectural marvels of the past. Oh and his Beijing work for it's monumental presence.....


Laurence Pasquier

Quirky, fresh, warm, modern. Here's a peek at the inspirational portfolio of stylist Laurence Pasquier.