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Stalking in the snow

Winter here in Australia, a land more often associated with sun and surf not winter and snow. Today I'm stalking in the high country of Victoria and the resort village of Dinner Plain. Welcome to Under the Moonlight designed by Giovanni D’Ambrosio. It's a contemporary (and expensive) take on the traditional cattlemen's huts of the area.

"Perched on the edge of an alpine reserve in Dinner Plain Village, part of the highest approved freehold land in Australia, the home is located just 10 minutes from down hill skiing at Mount Hotham. Featuring extensive 8 x 9 sq metre glass panels, sweeping alpine views are drawn in to the interior of the home, which also features a 20 tonne cantilevered fire place made of local stone."

Forget the stone fireplace look at the bathroom! A divan perched beside the spa. Dark and decadent. This is definitely a bachelor's pad in the snow, no? A sexy private après-ski lair. Glühwein anyone? Link here while it lasts.

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Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers!

Andrea from Australia emailed. "I'm hoping your lovely design crew can help me out with something. I'm in a bit of a quandary about some renovation decisions for a downstairs studio which is currently being built."

The demo begins

"Our house is built into the hill, so the back wall of the downstairs room is below ground level, and the front wall at ground level. This means there are only windows on two sides, and it has the potential to be a bit dark. The space will be used primarily as a Studio space so it is important to bounce light around. It will also be occasionally used as a guest room so needs to be a little bit swish."

A little further on and the builders have started

"I can't decide on flooring and lighting. We don't have a lot of room for either, due to low ceiling height constraints. So timber floors and recessed lighting are not an option. I'm hoping your design crew has some ideas. Terrazzo, or a concrete finish? Tiles or Vinyl? It needs to be serviceable and yet light and reflective. Something that looks smart enough for a guest room, and serviceable enough for spilt paint, oils, thinners, hammers or anything else I can drop on it. The lighting is also a problem. We don't have enough space to do down lights, and at this point I am thinking of hiding some LED lighting behind one of the beams, and some wall lights of some description combined with some good floor lights. What to do? Apologies for the photos but the renovation is in progress and far from finished!"

You can see more of Andrea's renovations on her blog Strong Southerly.



Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian readers out there. I hope you enjoy the day off and partake in some typical patriotic nonsense like an overload of beer consumption, food and fireworks - all at someone's cottage on a lake. The weather is supposed to be GORG here in Ottawa which will be perfect for the aforementioned activites - and coincidentally Wills and Kate's visit. :-) In the spirit of Canada Day, I thought I'd feature some spaces decked out in red and white (like I did this day back in '09)- and while red is probably my least favourite colour, it is a quick and easy way to inject some drama and energy into your decor.

Hus & Hem
Jake Fitzjones
Darren Chung

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Barns and boatsheds

I couldn't help myself. I had to dip back into New Zealand architects Sumin Chaplin's portfolio again. This time I was drawn to their contemporary take on the rustic shed and the old barn. Rich with texture, warm with aged timbers, always a fabulous view and just out and out comfy. Stylish yes but never precious. The barn I can see full of kids and dogs, friends and long summer days. As for the boatshed after the jump, imagine cooking freshly caught fish in that kitchen as the sun starts to set on another perfect day out on the water. If you haven't already you must visit their website. Their portfolio is amazing.

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Need for normalcy

We feature a plethora of gorgeous spaces that are often designed by designers and styled by stylists...meaning they're pretty close to perfection. Not a thing out of place. Which is why I love Quarto & Sala so much. I've blogged everyday homes from this Brazilian site in the past (here and here), and I was craving normalcy (and a bit of quirkiness) again today.


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