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Wall to wall

We received this request via email last month from Eileen: (and I finally found some time to scour my photo stash)

"I've always lived in older homes with wood floors, but I recently purchased an 80's tract house with wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet has to be replaced now, but it's going to be a few years before I can afford to put in wood. Can you pull together some photos of inspiring living rooms with carpet? Is there such a thing?"  I have selected some photos of living rooms with wall-to-wall carpet (and if it's not wall-to-wall, pretend it is) to help give Eileen some ideas. I'd suggest a very neutral (cream or very light grey) berber or a sisal-type carpet (but not a rough sisal) and then layer some fun area rugs on top (kilims and cowhide are my favs). Being the owner of a plethora of cats, carpet is my worst enemy. So might I suggest something a little zany. If your subfloor is plywood and is in decent shape, how about sanding it smooth and then painting it in the meantime? I've seen this a few times and think it looks great considering the inexpensive material. (If you don't believe me check out this post by Erin of Design Crisis).

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Michael Bechara

I love Vogue Living’s Before & After special edition. So inspirational. Such stunning homes. And one of my favourites in this year’s edition is an apartment by Sydney interior designer Michael Bechara (last two pictures). A quick click over to his website and I was in love. Bechara’s work is sleek and über cool, midcentury combined with contemporary. It’s young and fun and hot. Great art, great furniture, great rooms. Keep an eye out for more of his work. His star has definitely risen.






Roman and Williams

Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors (based in New York City) are my new favourite design duo. I absolutely love every photo in their portfolio. TO DIE FOR. They rock all sorts of styles - there's a bit of mid-century, vintage industrial, Moroccan, contemporary country, modern...it's all freaking gorgeous and looks so effortless, and timeless. I'm taking many notes and saving many photos.


Fucshia focus


At times elegant, luxe but contemporary, understated but shocking. It's the fuchsia focus. Today I'm stalking this Woollahra, Sydney house on a scale that most us can only dream about. Lessons to be learnt? The eye is drawn out from the interiors to the stunning outdoor spaces. That's a bold statement colour choice. The more personal spaces are intimate and monotone with only the occasional reference to THAT wall colour. It's a play between deep dark and bright bold, shadows and light, serious and fun.


Amanda Masters again

British born former model Amanda Masters is a master at design excelling in modern eclectic and global styles. Lots of bold fabrics were used in her spaces, such as suzanis which I am not sure I can ever tire of (nor can Jo as she just purchased a gorgeous one on eBay - check it out on her page!). Jo also blogged about Amanda back in '08 so for more eye candy check out her post here.

( P.S.  On 'kim's page' I've got some pretty big personal news I had to share. :-) )