47 Park Avenue update

I have about 10 minutes slotted do get a post done for today. I spent the day yesterday helping my sister and her husband close up the cottage (BOO HOO!) as fall has suddenly arrived (30°C drop in temperature in 3 days) and today I am going to check out the Glebe House Tour in between chores and blogging (I heard yesterday from the owners of this house that their master bathroom was done on Friday - can't wait to see it!). Without any real plans for for today's post, I immediately thought of 47 Park Avenue, one of my favourite blogs. I featured Michael and Jonathan's blog and home back in March, and I always look forward to updates on their latest finds (they are masters at finding the coolest vintage pieces) and how they are incorporated into their gorgeous home. So without further ado, I give you some of the latest photos of their inspiring home. 

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Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! This week's email is from Sol of Casa 13 who lives in Puebla, Mexico.

The last year we bought a house and we've been doing some little stuff, but I don't see any big change. Maybe is because of the color (everything is a little monochromatic), or maybe because I can't see what else can do. Here is a little of our house before ...

And here is the major change we have done till now ...

Some of the plans are to change the dinner, put some things in the entrance, some large art in the stairs... but first is to finish the living. Can you gave me some guidance? Thanks a lot.


Another Glebe home tour - part 2

Here are photos of the remainder of Kellie and Warren's new/old home. (Don't forget to get your tickets for the tour this Sunday! I can't wait!)

At the end of the first post I showed you the living room. Beyond is the an important room - the office where the homeowners run their business. And YES! it too has a garage door that opens up to the backyard. 

The table and chairs are vintage, made by a Montreal company called Samton. 

Now for upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a media room, which was designed so it could be sealed off in the future to create a fourth bedroom.

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Another Glebe home tour - part 1

On Sunday I had the honour of another personal tour of a home that is part of the Glebe House Tour this year. This home is quite a bit different than the last one (featured here and here) in that the structure of the original home was kept (but gutted) with a large addition in the rear. While I adored the first home I toured because it's modern, this one is the best of both worlds - a mix of old and new. Kellie Major and Warren Newberry are the owners, and have renovated/built 6 homes of their own so far. They're so good at it they left their jobs to start ReNew Homes, where they provide residential renovation project management and on-site support to homeowners who wish to renovate or build a custom designed home. (Maybe my husband and I should think about hiring them!) Kellie and Warren were awesome, their house is awesome, their dogs and kids are why don't I just get to the photos? (Note: The tour is this Sunday so hurry and get your tickets!! My husband and I can't wait to tour them all.)

The lower level of the addition is an apartment (currently a temporary home for Kellie's mom).

The balcony leads off the new master bedroom.

My husband fell in love with this shed (clad in Kellie's favourite colour - teal).

Kellie and Warren have used these glass garage doors in 3 of their homes and love them. I always thought the climate here was too cold for these but now I'm sold. 

Now for the first peek of the interior. I took too many photos for one post so for now the dining room, kitchen and living room. Later today I'll show you the remaining spaces. 

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Design Journey 2012

Entries for the 2012 Corporate Culture Design Journey competition are now open. Design Journey was originally created to support the future of Australasian design and since its growth it has become an annual event. The lucky winner will have their design prototyped and exhibited at the Saturday in Design Fair the following year as well as having the unique opportunity to travel to Copenhagen to meet Rolf Hay, founder of Hay and Christian Rasmussen, Head Designer of Fritz Hansen. Past winners of the Design Journey competition include Arnold Lane (2004 & 2005), Ross Didier (2006), Futurespace (2007), Kirk Lenard (2008), and Gavin Harris (2009). This year's brief involves designing a suspended LED lighting pendant, which fulfils the needs for both residential and commercial use but you can find out all the details here.

Chest Lounge by Arnold Lane

Connected Table by Ross Didier

Zoe by Kirk Lenard

Takushi Table by Gavin Harris