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Kari McCabe

An individual look for individual clients. New York interior designer Kari McCabe creates wonderfully light and airy, casual yet elegant rooms. I love the texture and the layering and especially Kari's sense of colour. Can't you just imagine curling up in one of these rooms and relaxing? Or inviting your friends over? Liveable and lovely.


Sweet condo

Check out the getaway condo of architects Tom Huth and Bruce Skiles Danzer in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Mid-century classics, bold artwork and cool colours make this home a new favourite of mine. It was featured in New England Home, and the magazine included a quote from Danzer that I think is priceless coming from an architect: "We used $3000 worth of paint rather than sink $50,000 in structural changes". Something to note, coming from someone who would know.


Rodolphe Foucher

Photographer Rodolphe Foucher emailed us recently to thank us for featuring one of his photos in a post a while back. Being the nosy person that I am, I went poking around his website only to discover we SO should have done a whole post on his work. His portfolio is filled with plenty incredible photos, so I emailed him back begging if I could post his work. He agreed. :) Turns out he's a really nice guy too! Here are my favourite photos from his website, but go on over and have a look yourself. There are landscape, places, architecture and still life photos that are must-sees as well.

The one below I had to post because I love the style and colours although it has nothing to do with interior design. Well, imagine it in a black frame with a white mat in a modern space. There, interior design.


Mike Witt

Mike Witt designs rooms with a modern aesthetic with more than a nod to mid-century influences. Is it obvious that he has spent years of studying, buying and selling 20th century decorative and fine arts? To me these spaces are classics of the future. Even though he uses finishes that may be thought cold and hard (think concrete and metal) the rooms are still warm and intimate, rich and at times organic.


Cat house

Ok, this has to be one of the coolest homes I've seen in a long time. And before you look any further, remember, this comment is coming from someone with 6 cats. Thanks to fellow Ottawan Liz for sending me a link to this unbelievable home in Japan, specifically designed for feline friends.