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Monday's pets on furniture - part 1

If you'd like to send us photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off...and your pet happens to be sitting on it. And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it's dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to and PLEASE don't send closeups of your pet!)

Meet Madison. She's a 9 week old (absolutely adorable) West Highland Terrier puppy! Here's Madi on a steel grey button back chair with a Florence Broadhurst 'Aubury' cushion.
- Annabel (Sydney, Australia)

I live in Torrance, CA with my husband and two cats Harris and Flynn.  The picture is of Flynn on our dining room table and Harris on the windowsill.  There is usually a nice sunny spot on the dining room table that both cats love lounging in. And the window ledge is great for watching birds at the bird feeder.
- Christine

my French bulldog Edwin on chair.
- Tone

Franklin loves his Wishbone chair!
- Sandy (San Francisco, CA)

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Lucy Fenton

Ever imagine what it would be like living in your favourite shop? Well if the wonderland of a store Fenton & Fenton is that shop then 33 Wattle Rd, Hawthorne is where you should be living. As one of a number of creatives asked to style a display apartment last year Lucy Fenton brought her shop to life in an otherwise boring cookie cutter apartment. Colourful, quirky, beautiful her apartment showcased all that her Prahan shop has come to stand for. And now her newly launched website brings her shop to life for those who can't walk through the doors. A must see gallery if you love colour with a touch of ethnic aesthetic, vintage with midcentury re-invented and the unexpected, always the unexpected. Love!

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Random on a Sunday

So here is the latest scoop on my Sunday posts. Summers are very VERY short here in Ottawa, and I LIVE for a warm, sunny summer weekend. And now with my life in a bit more of a state of chaos than normal (house reno project making my stress level sky-rocket) I think I may skip out on some Sunday posts every now and then. I need a bit of a break, and I desperately need to be spending the time outdoors rather than inside on my laptop. Hope you all don't mind too much. We've had fantastic weather the last couple of days and I managed to get out and enjoy it. Which means I did not have time to scour blogland looking for my blog favourites of the week. Instead you are stuck with a few photos I snapped Friday and Saturday that documented my outings. I figured I'd at least share those.

So Friday night my hubby and I walked down to the main strip of Little Italy for some sushi (at Kikko - some of the best sushi in the city)...forgetting it was the first day of the annual Little Italy festival. Luckily we scored a table on the patio which was cool because we got to stuff our faces and people-watch, while enjoying the view of some Lamborghinis (the festival always includes hot Italian sports cars on display).

Just before heading to dinner we stopped at Justyna's home to pick up some vintage clothing I bought at her online shop (which she is unfortunately closing - so everything is 50% off if you're interested...)

Yesterday we spent the day at my little sister's cottage and the weather was PERFECT. I laid out on the dock most of the morning (and ended up a little fried - OOPS).

My little niece Gianna decided she was a bit thirsty and was up for a taste of my Bacardi cooler.

My sister warmed up some jalapeno popper dip I made - OMG this stuff is addictive, especially when alcoholic beverages are consumed at the same time.

Tomorrow we have some errands to run and then we'll be heading out to my parent's place to celebrate father's day with my pops, and enjoy a little bit of this (after loading on sunscreen this time):

But before I get to do that I have to work on a little project my twin sister and I did not get to complete last summer.


Stalking on a Saturday

Not sure how I feel about today's stalking house. I want to love it. I think I do then something jars and I wonder what exactly is wrong. I love the textiles. I love the art. I love the courtyard. The playing card plunge pool doesn't do it for me. The bathroom is great but the tile is all wrong IMO. The place just seems cluttered but I know if I walked into this house I would want to explore everything, pick up the vase, touch the pillow, rub my toes into the rugs. The lighting is wrong and the photos are stretched but I still like it. Just need to pack some of it away ... and save up to change the pool tile ;) Maybe I just feel whingy  and whiny today. Link to this Malvern, Melbourne home here while it lasts. Thanks to my secret real estate stalker. You know who you are. Keep up the good work.

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Reader request - log homes

You may recall this post from last month, where I blogged the home of Jack (a co-worker of mine) and his wife Shannon. In that post I mentionned that they were selling that house because they had just purchased a log home. !!!! Well, log homes are not the easiest to work with in terms of decorating and keeping them from being dark and dreary, as Shannon expressed in an email to me:
I am writing to request pics guessed it...log interiors. My only issue with the logs in our new place is that I NEED light, airy interiors and log homes can be dark, dark, dark. That's sometimes a function of lighting but also of having so much wood. We are planning to refinish and lighten the floors before we move in in August. Plus, I'll be brightening all of the drywalled surfaces. There's lots of darkish greens and blues. The kitchen is maple, but with a dark blue-green stain...I'll eventually repaint that a creamy white, etc. I'm also going to update the lighting and add lots more lights. The master bedroom is actually a loft overlooking the living room and its 3 large west-facing windows (plus there are more windows in the back of the bedroom). I'm planning to paint the floor of the loft a glossy white and this will be the first place where I'll try my big experiment: white-washing or bleaching the interior log walls. I plan to convert the place from "rustic Montana" to "Scandinavian bright". Anyhow, if ever you have time, anything you find on log interiors would be helpful.

Here is a little peek at Jack and Shannon's new home:

It turns out my stash of photos did not include many log home interiors. So I gathered up those and included some that feature wood panelling or whatever wood surfaces I could find that might help give Shannon (ok, and Jack - LOL) some options.

(LOVE this but i think they overdid it on the gloss - in fact this would look WAY better matte)
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Hus & Hem
Hus & Hem
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