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Kim Sayer

Today's photographer Kim Sayer has a portfolio like many of the talented photographers we feature on Desire to Inspire. Soft light and clean simple shots that convey the feel of the rooms without fuss. Shots that inspire. Shots that are perfect for editorial features. But what do I like the most about Kay's portfolio?

Her Dinky Toy photos!! Look at these wonderful images full of fun and so cleverly composed and shot. Definitely brought a smile to my face and I hope they do for you too.


Sisters with talent

Sarah Cihat, ceramist and home designer in Brooklyn, NY emailed us the following:

"I wanted to pass along the work of my sister, Suzanna Ivey. She is an interior designer in my home state of Tennessee. One of her photographer friends took some images of her latest work and I wanted to send it along for consideration. I'm very proud of her and love that we both are creative women from the same family working in the home design field."

Now how sweet is that? I was more than happy to plug Suzanna's work on Sarah's behalf. They are both very talented women (Sarah's Rehabilitated Dishware line rocks!). While the home below is a bit more traditional than I tend to gravitate towards, there are so many elements to note, like the green walls in the first photo (my boyfriend and my twin sister have both used a similar shade in their homes), the beautiful window treatments throughout and WOW, that glamourous bedroom (LOVE). Thanks Sarah, and Suzanna! (These gorgeous photos were taken by Sarah Dobbins - check out her site, and her blog).


NYC apartment tour

Over a year ago artist, stylist and designer Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design emailed us with some photos of her home that her and her husband were renovating. We were happy to post them, and to my delight, she emailed photos yesterday of the completed renovation! To quote ABCD: "now that the renovation is complete, we are moving on to a new project". HUH??? When you see the photos below of this phenomenal NYC apartment, you too will be asking how she could possibly leave this. There's nothing I don't love about her home. It's an eclectic mix of styles that works so well together, bold use of colour throughout that stands out against the white walls, the dramatic artwork, those to-die-for hardwood floors, and don't get me started on that kitchen and bathroom (I'm pretty sure I had a dream recently about that exact bathroom). Thanks for sharing these with us ABCD!

This is the great room (*sigh*...a great room would be really great) where ABCD works, and she and her husband Scott live in the back section.

I love her home so much that I wanted to include more photos that she took over the holidays that show other angles of the spaces. Just more eye candy. DELISH.


McAlpine Booth & Ferrier

McAlpine Booth & Ferrier is southern and international. They are headquartered in Nashville but their designs reference all that is timeless and classic. Emotionally evocative is how they describe their interiors, "the inheritable house". The architectural details are stunning, the texture is rich and the palette though restained is not limited. It's like a gentleman's grand tour meets french influences with lashings of casual elegance and historical reference but it's not predictable and twee. Industrial and faded sits easily with linen and silk.


Schoos Design

Based in West Hollywood, California, Schoos Design is where the stars go to get hooked up with incredibly decorated homes. Thomas Schoos' first residential project was the home of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (!!!). I am so in awe of their portfolio - it's glamourous, bold and everything is oversized, which I LOVE because it makes such a huge visual impact. There are oversized chairs, couches, shell mirrors, pendants, artwork....