Justin Bishop

Timeless, classic and traditional, layers of history and collections, life's experiences held tight. At other times a spare asethetic, the sense of less is natural. It's a look that harks back to an age before the mass produced, a time of the artisan and the simple. A look that is even more relevant in these times of mass consumption. History and the time worn, vintage and the long discarded but newly rediscovered. It's a bower bird approach to beauty. Australian stylist and interior designer Justin Bishop.

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Armelle Habib+1

New work from Melbourne based photographer Armelle Habib. Her work is hot at the moment appearing in all the major Australian interiors mags. No wonder. Her photos are bright and breezy. Creative, refreshing and as vibrant as the homes she snaps. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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I blogged back in March about itswhatiminto, a group of 6 editors reporting on all sorts of happenings (interiors, fashion, food etc.) in South Africa. Sara, one of their editors, emailed to let us know about a fantastic apartment they featured recently. I love it and another one I found on their site so I thought I'd feature both. This first one is the apartment of Adam Levy. He is one cool guy and his place is incredible - the views are to die for thanks to one huge wall of windows, and his eclectic mix of furniture is the right amount of funky. (A man with a large set of Panton chairs is a man after my own heart). 

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Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! This week's problem is from Julie B and to begin with I need to say that we are all jealous that this is the problem that she has ... sigh ... got that off my chest :) Secondly these photos are from a real estate listing and the furniture is not Julie's but the previous owner's.

I just bought a cabin by the sea in Humlekjær in Norway. I'm willing to spend more money to improve it. Here are the areas I want to improve:
- The inside plan and the facade looks a bit messy, partly because of the windows in different sizes. So Im thinking of having a big panorama window in the front where the balcony is, to open up or something else?

- The balcony is not very elegant, it looks very old and grey, what can I do with it?

- I would love to get more suggestions on improvement from you.

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Book storage

I love books and magazines. I have a pretty healthy collection, especially of decor magazines (although on black box recycle days I am slowly getting rid of old ones as I don't think I'll be referring to decor mags from 2004 anytime). Right now I have a couple of Ikea Expedit shelving units in my bedroom but I have come to the conclusion that I don't want all that visual clutter and stimulation in a space I am supposed to use to relax in. My favourite book storage area is the dining room - I love how it can look like a library one minute and a dining space the next. Where do you guys store your books?
Book storage always catches my eye when I'm doing blog research and because I haven't done a themed post in a while I thought I'd find some book storage/shelving photos. (I did a post on this topic a while ago here). 



Freunde von Freunden

Bolig Magasinet



The Selby

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