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Donna Talley


Photo stylist and story producer. Great job title isn't it. Donna Talley is just that. Her look is classically tailored and yet relaxed, feminine, natural with just a hint of European, hopsack and linen, scrubbed timber and Biedermeier. It's ironstone and baskets, fresh flowers and glass bottles, antique silverware and sun bleached colours. It's easy and elegant and soft. And it's lovely.





Flea market style

Whenever I see "flea market" on the cover of a book or magazine I instantly become giddy like a school girl. Jo and I are HUGE suckers for flea markets and thrift shops so when our stylist/photographer friend Matthew Mead (whom we've featured a zillion times) emailed us about a new magazine called Flea Market Style he and his thrifting pal Ki Nassauer put together, we were stoked to get our hands on it. It arrived while I was on holidays and what a treat to come home to. I devoured it the first chance I got and I love it. Anyone with a passion for thrifting should run to their nearest bookstore and snag a copy. Anyone with a passion for crafting and turning ordinary flea market junk into beautiful and handy objects for around the house should do the same. The ideas are SO fun and creative - like turning a side table into a dog bed, 8 ways to decorate with your fav dishes and a bunch of uses for vintage funnels (who knew?) and your granny's old lace. There are some really gorgeous spreads - one of a 1933 country-modern decorated farmhouse, a girly playhouse, a beachy garden shed, a stable given a 1950s retro facelift and more. I snapped a few shots of some of my favourite photos from the mag (90% of which were shot by Matthew himself) to give you all a bit of a sneak peak. Check out the blog set up for the magazine for more info. (Thanks Matthew!)


More from Mexico

I had such a blast in Mexico that I thought I'd share some more photos that I took. These are again from some of the shops (plus a couple extras) in the town of Sayulita. I was so in love with all the ethnic/global/wordly items that I was devastated knowing I had only part of a suitcase to fill instead of a shipping container.


Gary Hutton

With a degree in fine arts it's easy to see where the sculptural influences in interior designer Gary Hutton's work come from. It's about volume and form, about material and finish. It's also about the art and the art of living. Clean lines with minimalism tempered by luxury. Think contemporary interiors complimented by contemporary art. It's his trademark. Had to include the toilet roll wall. Clever but I'd be a little too obessive about keeping it full.








Kate Morris

I am trying REALLY hard to get back into the swing of things but I'm fairly certain a large part of me didn't board the airplane. I can still smell the ocean and hear the crashing of the waves and feel the intense heat on my sizzling skin. But, I MUST keep blogging and get my brain back in reality. I thought I'd start with the portfolio of a British stylist, Kate Morris. Simple spaces styled and photographed beautifully.