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The luxury of simplicity

The good things in life can often be the simplest. Family, friends, shelter, water ... the beach, fun and a view ... sun and shade and nothing to do but relax, chill. Sitting squarely in the sand this concrete and tile house is as stylish as it is distilled to the minimum for a fabulous beach holiday. Todos Santos beach houses by Gracia Studio in Baja region of Mexico. I could live like this forever.

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Saturday at the cottage

Summer is slowly making it's way to Ottawa and I plan on taking advantage of the decent weather every chance I get. And I did just that yesterday by spending the day at my sister's cottage in Quebec. It was a bit chilly and very windy but luckily we have options when the weather isn't completely cooperating. The cottage is right on the water which is ideal on hot days, but for days like yesterday when it was only a high of 17 and windy, we spent the day on their property across the road where there was no wind and therefore much warmer. It was a fantastic and much needed break from everyday life and computers so I brought a stack of shelter magazines I have been wanting to read but never found the time and got some sun and relaxed. I took some photos (both iPhone and with my little Fuji X10) that I thought I'd share since I didn't have time to do anything else for today's post. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far!

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Saturday at Jo's

Yawn! Stretch! Was I asleep? Really? No! (Hope I wasn't snoring.) I swear I just settled in on the couch to read my magazine and drink my tea. The sun was wonderfully warm on my toes. Oh ... my tea is cold. OK I believe you. I must have dropped off. I love this time of year. The air is cool but the sun is warm and my favourite spot is in my breezeway where the late morning sun peeks in. I couldn't resist taking a photo. This room is always changing. Furniture moves in and out but it is always our casual hang out area. Funny how a little pass through space between the old house and the separate kitchen wing is where we sit and chat with friends, drink coffee, listen to music and read magazines. Love my red drum stool. It's new. Got it from Matt Blatt.

As you can see I have a thing for turkish kilim cushions. I have a couple left on Faded Empire if you would like one of your own. They have been very popular. We still have to paint this room. We are half thinking that we would like to strip the paint to get an exposed brick look but I'm worried that we will get half way through and throw in the towel. It will be a big job.

Just a sneak peek at my husband's office. There is always a junk room in every house and this is it so no more shots at the moment. The old Coke sign is screenprinted on metal (signed and dated 1964) and would have hung on the side of a shop. We found it in a demolition yard for basically nothing. Of course husband wanted it as the main "art piece" in his room. Typical! That's it for today I think. The sunlight is moving across the breezeway and I have two more magazines to flick through. I'm going back to the couch. If you like to see how I spent my morning before settling in on the couch you can check out my page.


Have you entered?

The closing date is May 10 ... only 5 more days to enter our Matt Blatt competition. You'll find out how when you click over here.



Here's a peek at a bit more Melbourne-based architecture. This time the folks responsible are Zwei Interior Architecture. They took on the renovation of the rear of an existing Californian bungalow in Victoria and here are a few photos of the results. Happy weekend!