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Lofty dreams

A smile twitched across her lips as she started to climb the stairs to bed. The loft was perfect. She couldn't believe that it was now her home. She had worked hard to make it happen. The open space, her carefully curated classic furniture, the artwork, the hard edged industrial vibe with just enough creature comforts .... Was that an alarm she heard? Time to get up already? Oh Jo you have been dreaming again! The Oriental Warehouse Loft by Edmonds + Lee. Sweet dreams indeed.

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Blog favourites of the week


Why renovating a house is a never ending story of joy

Help! Look what the painters did to my floor! I have spent all day trying to save it but I admit defeat. You can see more of the carnage on my page. Perhaps you can help with suggestions on improving this sorry state of affairs? My suggestion is a jam and cream donut.


Paris locations

Happy friday DTI lovelies! It's been a loooong week for both Jo and I and thankfully it's almost over. But I do have a busy weekend planned - last minute Christmas shopping, a Christmas party Saturday night, and Sunday my husband and I are volunteering with Friends of Abandoned Pets for their "pet photos with Santa" event at a PetSmart here in Ottawa (Merivale Rd. near Hunt Club for those who might want to stop by). To top it off we're supposed to get a snow storm that day. I think I could use a little distraction. How about some photos of a fabulous home from Paris locations site Mires? Works for me! (What I would do for one of those suspended fireplace...would be SO cool in the media room addition we're planning).

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Fabrica Verde

I love photography - my favourite hobby next to decorating - and finding out what our latest sponsor sells got me all worked up. Fabrica Verde carries Diana and Lomo cameras and accessories!! Who they are: "A confederacy of photographers, musicians and designers bound by the secret handshakes of late night revelry.  A posse of guys and girls who live in New York, travel the world, and share your passion for Lomography/creative photography, great design, irony, and the somewhat askew. We personally test, employ, and love everything that we sell." These are the coolest cameras ever - and they look like they'd be a blast to play with. I am seriously dying to get my hands on one - would make a perfect Christmas gift. *wink wink nudge nudge* I devoured their website and grabbed photos of some of the cameras they carry and sample photos. LOVE!!