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Rove Concepts


Callas Shortridge Architects

"The work of our firm is built upon a series of oppositions that are meant to set up a dynamic tension: privacy and exposure, light and shadow, mass and plane. The site inspires the form. Through a careful response to its orientation, context and topography, we allow each design to evolve naturally from the character of its site. The ground anchors the design while the roof acts as a counterbalance unfolding above the landscape." Such wonderfully thought-out spaces and beautiful materials. I'm officially wowed.

Photos from Callas Shortridge Architects


Summer could not come fast enough

I hate winter. Always have. Every winter I wonder what in the bloody hell I live in Ottawa for. This winter was especially bad. VERY. VERY. BAD. Hence my excitement that spring has finally arrived. Spring and summer mean more than just warm weather. It means having more spaces to decorate. :) I posted about the rattan patio set I just picked up, which is a great start to my backyard space. I thought I'd go through my photo stash and see if I could find some inspiration for everyone in my shoes who is just dying to get started outdoors.

Apartment TherapyDomino
Living Etc.Thom Filicia
Donna GriffithCarl Dahlstedt
Alun CallenderLynn Morgan
PointClickHomeSunset Magazine
Virinia MacDonaldElle Decor Italia
Elle Decor ItaliaStacey Brandford
Sunset MagazineHouse Beautiful


Must must must must must

Run out now and grab the latest edition (May June) of Inside Out. I cannot begin to sing the praises of this Australian magazine. Honestly I believe it is one of the best shelter magazines out there and this brand new edition has me jumping up and down. I've taken a couple of photos of my copy to let you in on what's in store for you. The cover tells you that Liza Giles is inside (yes I know that we've all been salivating over her home since it appeared in Swedish Elle Interior) but wait there's more. OMG the New York apartment of Australian stylist Sibella Court and the über cool Greenwich Village digs of Aussie Andrew Egan (just a taste in the last pic).

Go now. Camp outside your favourite international magazine vendor's stall and buy yourself a copy. As we say here in Australia - do yourself a favour! It has nothing to do with my own obsession with bus rolls. I swear! (Click on the pictures for their full gorgeousness.)


Nick Pope

Nick Pope has a knack for interior and still life photography. You could almost say he designs his shots, the composition and angles, the colour and light. His training as a furniture designer before he took up the camera as a profession is evident in his work. He inherently understands the "bones" of his subject matter. Don't miss his still life portfolio while you are at his rep's website.


Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto is a master of elegance and sophistication. His interior design agency employs a whopping 55 people and have designed residences, vacation homes, offices and even yachts and private jets. Stunning mixes of textures, patterns and colours are abundant in his designs. Check his website for more extraordinary (and some over-the-top) spaces.