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Busy Sunday

I didn't blog anything last Sunday and was feeling a bit guilty not blogging again today since I'm supposed to be studying for my French test so I decided to whip up something quick so as not to disappoint those stopping by today. (Things will be back to normal for me in about a week and a half so thankfully my funk won't last too much longer). I did take break for a couple hours today to check out the annual Third World Bazaar in Manotick. They always have awesome homewares from around the globe, and I always manage to come home with at least a few items. This year I picked up an amazing Thai teak cube/side table for $125, a concrete statue for $75 and a cute felt placement for $4. (Check out a couple of my previous trips to the bazaar here and here).

I've got some more goodies to share. My parents just got back from a lovely vacation in Greece and despite everything being super pricey there (my mom only bought herself one top, which is an all-time low for her), she spoiled us kids with a few small items. Here's what I got: a necklace, bracelet, bag of amazing sesame-covered peanuts, bar of olive oil/chamomile soap you can even wash your hair with, and a perfectly suited for me pillow cover.

Here is a shot my dad took from their hotel in Santorini. GORG!!!

And speaking of Santorini, as I was tweaking my photos we received an email from George, who coincidentally is the general manager of a hotel there called the Santorini Astarte Suites. It's a little 9 suite boutique hotel with lots of privacy and seems to be a favourite for honeymooners. Their views are equally breathtaking.


Reader's home before and after

Kate emailed from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. "After being inspired by you both so many times, I wanted to share an outcome that you helped inform. We recently completed a soup-to-nuts renovation. It was a long slog, but we finally got there and we're thrilled. Thank you for providing inspiration during the design phase and critical creative lifts when it seemed like it would never end and I was running out of steam." Kate describes the original house on her blog as "Outside: yellow bricks, small aluminum-framed windows, and lots of lattice-work pergolas. Inside: a rabbit's warren, with too many doors leading into lots of pokey rooms and a front door that entered directly into the family room where the refrigerator sat." Here are some befores ...

WOW Kate what a wonderful home... now! I can't believe the change. My favourite spot? The library. Oh and the kitchen. And the ensuite and the garden. I'd love to see your home photographed for a magazine. Some of you will realise that the shots Kate has shared are real estate listing photographs. Yes it's true. Kate and her family have worked so hard to create this miracle and now it's on the market. (Link here.) Good luck with the sale Kate and make sure you share your next renovation!

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TGIF...and I leave you with the following photos from a real estate listing on Bolaget. The details in this apartment are fairly ornate (ie. ceiling, floor and wood stove), and then there's this gorgeous vintage dress hanging on the wall that made me sigh and smile. 


LineBox Studio

I am frankly really embarrassed to have not blogged about architectural firm LineBox Studio before, as they are based in Toronto and my lovely city of Ottawa. And now that it sounds like my husband and I have to start our house plans from scratch (maybe wrecking the existing house and starting new) with a new architect (who knows something about Ottawa building codes), I might hit these guys up for some much needed assistance. I found several funky projects on their website, renovations and infills included, and the following home here in Ottawa (really?!?!) was initially a 19th century butcher shop with heritage designation. I freaking love it...ESPECIALLY the sunken fireplace seating pit!!!!


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Black beauties

Love the styling of the latest range by Australian furniture designers Zuster. Fabulous furniture. Wonderful "rooms". Seriously how sexy are those American Oak legs on the Sabrina Lounge! By turning to the dark side the sisters have found the perfect counterfoil to their new range. Inspiring. Beautiful.

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