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Eric Staudenmaier

Stunning photos today from the portfolio of photographer Eric Staudenmaier. Specialising in architectural and interior photography Eric is able to capture a designer's intentions with a space and through his lens take you into a room or place you on the sidewalk staring longingly at the building before you. His architectural folio is great but don't miss his personal work as well. I just had to include some of his garden shots. Check out the rest on his website. Your thumb will be turning green just looking at them.


The Modern House

A reader named Finn emailed the other day to tell us about a website she and her friends love to check out - The Modern House. It's an estate agency specializing in the sale of 20th and 21st century homes of architectural distinction across the UK. I went through several listings and picked out some of my favourite photographs. (Thanks Finn!)


Etsy shops

I am home sick today (and yesterday) and while I should be sleeping the day away, we've received some emails from fellow bloggers and friends who've got some great new products that I wanted to share instead, because sleeping is boring.

Jane and Hollie of White Elephant Vintage are launching "A Sports & Games Affair" tonight at their Etsy shop so go check it out. Here's a sneak peak:

Emily of Orange Beautiful wrote about her new line of 4-color, hand screen-printed MOTIVATE designs available in her Etsy shop that I absolutely love, and I think I might have to pick up "Get Your Sh*t Together".

Gosia has some great new finds in her Etsy shop blue bell bazaar. Here's one of my favourite collections:


Peter Margonelli

Gorgeous photographs from the portfolio of New York City-based Peter Margonelli. I adore the miss-matched shutters in the second last photo.



The interior design team at BAMO are strong, talented, creative individuals producing wonderful, brilliant, and sometimes quirky designs. Here's how they describe their work. "BAMO does not follow a single design style. In fact, we feel that it is more important to have style than be in a style. Our work ranges from traditional to contemporary, but each project incorporates both an elegance and comfort level that make the spaces livable and a true reflection of their context and occupants." Check out the pagoda folly. How cool is that!

Images from BAMO