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Monday's pets on furniture - part 1

If you'd like to send us photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off...and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it's dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to and PLEASE don't send me closeups of your pet!)

"This is my dog Chip :) He basically lounges wherever he feels like it, and lately he's taken a liking to our white eames lounger... He slept through the whole thing!"
- Curt

"This is a cat that was "ours" for a weekend in Matjiesfontein, (Karoo), South Africa. We stayed in a house built in the early 19th century with amazing interior."
- Antonia & Desmond

"This is Lula, my nearly-two-year-old cocker spaniel. She alternates sitting in my green $8 flea market chair and lying on the custom benches - just as long as she's near the kitchen table and whatever food happens to be on it."
- Rosemary (Little Rock, AR)

"I've attached 2 photos of my sweet dog Yoda on the couch in our den. He loves to lie beside me while I browse all the amazing posts on your blog! Thank you for the constant inspiration!"
- Nathalie (Calgary, Alberta)

"My Maine Coon "Gabby" on our Eames Lounge."
- Kate (Little Rock, AR)

"There are a lot of critters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and as for the last 12 years our lazy lovable Brittney 'Jake' takes it upon himself to keep all of my grandparents’ property. Between his patrols he finds time to relax on the newly built front porch."
- Steve

"Photo 1: Our older cat Camille (she's 14) performing her chair hatching pose.
Photo 2: This is Kirin (yes, he's named after the beer) and Ome, our recently adopted kittens sharing our version of the Ikea changing table hack, we made the bed smaller so it hides nicely behind the curtain.
Photo 3: Kirin and Ome on a cat perch made out of an old coffee table cut in half. We used all four legs to match the window height.
- Suzanne

"Our bloodhound Rufus, bleary eyed and caught by surprise on the couch"
- Colin & Jada (Washington, DC)

"My, excuse me, Speck's (our mini long hair Dachshund) favorite chair is this leather recliner.  Can you tell how comfortable it is?"
- Mike



Hi everyone and welcome to a new week on Desire to Inspire. I've been thinking of imperfection over the weekend. I went to see a house and I'm trying my hardest now to buy it. We should know in a few of days after the banks and building inspectors and valuers and agents have prodded and poked, massaged figures and stared down sellers. The house was built in 1860 and got me wondering about imperfection and the beauty of gently aged things. If we are successful I don't want to gut renovate but to slowly add my own layers to the old house. To leave a crack or an unevenly plastered walls. To cherish the footsteps worn in the cedar stairs. To gently clean the wood burning stove and live with the warped floorboards. I don't have photos yet to show you but instead I wanted to share the tattered beauty of another home, this one English, one of the locations from Oak Management. Why do we so often race in and rip out ?




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Flickr finds - swings



1875 brick and sandstone cottage we may or may not buy

because there is another, a beautiful, beautiful other ......

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?



  • What's the old warning in showbiz? Never work with children or animals? I'm not going to heed the advice. First up we have Modern Playhouse ... giving kids a space of their own to dream and play. Fun and stylish!



  • Ok so here comes the animal part. Not quite decor in the strictest meaning but Kim and I couldn't resist these gorgeous pet portraits by Alexa Hanna of Doodlie Bop Pet Photography. I just want to rub all their bellies and crinkle up their ears. If you can hang your kids' portraits on the wall why not your fur babies?



  • Grant Sonnex is a contemporary furniture maker but just saying that is doing him an injustice. He's a master craftsman and his beautiful, sustainable furniture pieces are almost sculpture. My favourite? The Yup'ik chair, his interpretation of the classic Windsor chair.



  • Be still my beating heart. The Hepsi range of rugs by Loom. I will own you one day. I will. I will. Swoooooooon!!

Reader request - long narrow hallway

It's reader request time, and this one comes from Sarah. "I love your site, and wanted to write in with a design problem I'm facing in an NYC apartment into which I'm about to move. The apartment's front door opens into a very long, very narrow hallway with no room for furniture and no windows. Do you have any wall decoration recommendations to create a cool entrance effect?" Here are some inspirational photos for you Sarah. Now, some are not THAT narrow and have room for a bit of furniture but I found how the spaces were designed very intriguing (ie. the Domino mag photo after the jump).

Marie Claire Italy Target Living
Gaelle Le Boulicaut Elle Decor
Apartment Therapy Adrienne Chinn
Stuart McIntyre Margaret Mulligan
Sköna hem Eric Roth
jj Locations Location Works
Decor Demon Sköna hem


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