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Buckingham  Interiors

With a passion for beautiful antiques and a fascination for all things design Julia Buckingham Edelmann creates rooms with a twist on tradition. "I have to infuse just a little bit of "funk" into every room that my firm designs," Julia told me in our email conversations. Her rooms are classic yet striking and always focus on making a house a home.


Alexandra Rowley

Although Jo posted about the photography of Alexandra Rowley about a year ago, I thought I'd share with you some fabulous photos from her updated portfolio.


Oasis in the city

This amazing meadow in the centre of the city is the roof top garden of a New York penthouse. Designed by Andrew Berman, a barren tar rooftop was transformed into a city oasis while the top floor became the family's living quarters. Home to a bee colony the rooftop garden is planted with meadow grasses and wildflowers. Magic with midtown views!


Retro fix

Time for your weekly dose of retro images. Scanned once again from House & Garden Guide to Interior Decorating, The Conde Nast Publications London, 1967. I can't believe how many books I've accumulated since starting this little exercise! So don't worry there is plenty more retro inspiration to come.


Flickr finds - kitchen corners (not literally)