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Tiny bathroom design and a contest

A couple of things came through my inbox this week that I wanted to share with you all. First off, some tiny bathroom design help from Irene: "I'm an interior design student that recently discovered your blog and am LOVING IT!!!!! Anyways I was reading your post about the world's smallest bathroom the other day and then it was on my mind all week. I love challenging spaces so i decided to practice sketching and stuff with this space. It was a fun experience and i'd just like to share it with you! Since it was so small i decided to do a minimalist concept while trying to keep the space open. The full length frosted glass windows help bring in alot more natural light and the illusion of space. Also tried to add some storage without obstructing the flow of space. Hope you like it!" First, a reminder of what the bathroom in question looks like:

Irene's plan for this nightmarish bathroom is REALLY smart (and how kind of her!) and I had to share her drawings with you. (Thanks so much Irene! You've got talent so wishing you lots of luck in school!)

I also wanted to mention a huge contest going on at Greentea Design. They recently launched a new blog called The Design Tree and to celebrate they are asking for entrants to write a haiku (a poem that consists of 3 lines: the first line contains 5 syllables, the second line has 7, and the final line has 5 again) or you can simply vote for your favourite haiku, and they are giving away over $10,000 in furniture and cash prizes. !!!!!!!! I'm really stoked about this contest because the kind folks at Greentea have asked me to be one of the judges! So go check out the details here, and in the meantime, here is a peek at the furniture you could win...


Reader request - bedskirt?

Today's reader request comes from Kelley: "We are moving out of a queen size bed and purchasing a king. With this comes an entire slew of new purchases including a bed frame/headboard and bedding. I have always had a bed that needed a bedskirt but thinking maybe no skirt is more modern. Not into platform beds but thinking more along the lines of the Colette bed and Crate and Barrel. Can you share photos of cool beds with and with out skirts. need some visuals to make a decision." I am not gonna lie - I generally REALLY dislike bedskirts. IMHO if you want to stay as far away from modern as possible, stick a bedskirt on your bed. A super ruffly one. In a floral pattern. With pastel colours. Put a teddy bear against the 8 pillows and you're all set. (LOL)
For those of you unfamiliar with the Colette bed from C&B, here it is:

It definitively has a comtemporary feel and NOTICE IT IS NOT STYLED WITH A BEDSKIRT. :) With that lovely upholstered frame with the mattress inset a couple inches, I don't think a bedskirt would really work anyhow. I think having everything tucked in as in the photo works really well or if you're kind of lazy like I am I would not fuss with tucking so much at the bottom but have a throw that drapes down and covers that area.
To be fair and at the request of Kelley, I did select a small number of photos that showcase beds with bedskirts that I think look...ok. I also pulled a ton of photos with beds without bedskirts, and most of which are similar in style to this bed (after the jump). Hope this helps your decision-making Kelley!       (NOOOOO BEDSKIRT!!!!!!!!)

Dana Wolter
Rodolphe Foucher
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Hus & Hem

Amanda Nisbet Laurence Pasquier


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Pinch me ... I really am moving

... but they are all mine (and the bank's)
It's the simple things that make me happy. Laughing with my husband, rubbing the dog's belly when he jumps up on the bed at 2 am in the morning and almost pushes me out, finding a perfect little bargain in a thrift store, finishing a painting or messaging madly each morning wi Kim. Simple things like holding a key in my hand. These are my new old house keys and at last I am moving! Excited, grateful and already exhausted! I'll be offline for the next few days but if all goes well I'll be back on Tuesday with lots more inspiring rooms and reading guides full of all the fabulous blogs I haven't had a chance to share yet. I might even have a few pictures of the new old house. Wish me luck!
P.S. The house is called "Collingwood". Is it bad luck to rename it? Australian readers will understand why I might just want to change it ;)

Alice Cottrell

Light and elegant, fun and quirky, retro meets modern and always stylish. Interior designer Alice Cottrell designs homes that are packed with personality and overflowing with originality. She is also the queen of the never ending loooooooong sofa. A 12-seater anyone?



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MCK Architects

Rowena Marsh, Mark Cashman and Steve Koolloos form the Australian architecture firm MCK Architects. I stumbled upon their website recently and noticed Jo blogged about them some time ago. They are freaking geniuses let me tell ya. I am in awe of their creativity, clean lines, attention to detail (and detail where it matters), stunning use of wood, and ability to make a Vespa look totally hot.

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