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DHgate has all for travelling


Ah Umbria! Beautiful, beautiful Umbria! If I had won the lottery last week I would be winging my way to Italy right now. Escaping the incessant torrential rain swamping Queensland. I know it is not summer over in Italy right now but I'm prepared to rough it through the winter at Castello di Reschio. That way all will be ready for your visit when the weather warms up. 5 bedrooms, might have to wheel in a few trundle beds. If I rent it from now to eternity you all might be able to make it for a week or two. Line starts on the left ;)

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My fingers are itching ....

... to do a Saturday post on the main page but we promised ourselves that we would take January weekends off and I'll be buggered if I'm the one to break the New Year's resolution first. (This does not count Kim!) I have had to satisfy myself with more home tour and new old house bedroom ideas over on my page. Come over if you are having withdrawals too.


Reader request - headboard-less beds

Today's reader request comes from Jenny: "Hi, can I do a request for a post on beds without headboards? I just got rid of my giant, oppressive headboard and I'm trying to style my room with my bed having just the Hollywood frame, but I need some inspiration. Thanks!" I too am a big fan of the simplicity of headboard-less beds and my bedroom is currently sporting this style. These photos should hopefully give anyone currently new at the headboard-less bed situation ideas on how to spruce up the bed without a potential monstrosity behind the pillows stealing the show.

Murdock Young
Nuevo Estilo
Per Magnus Persson
Riddarfjärden Fastighetsmäkleri
Hus & Hem
Pernilla Hed
Elle Decor
Apartment Therapy

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Dianna Snape and the art of architectural photography

Ever notice the difference between editorial photography and architectural photography? One conveys a story, the other an idea. The first is often styled and "contrived", a set, make believe. A room is tweaked and tarted to fit a storyline or an editor's vison. Architectural photography is a showcase. It tells the truth and trumpets the details of a designer's work. It concentrates on big picture as well as the intricacies. Dianna Snape is one of this country's best architectural photographers. She takes an the designer's creation and captures it for prosperity, to educate and inspire. The rooms are beautiful in both but photographers like Dianna understand the architect's vision and her images are records of the beauty, as important as plans and elevations.



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Some favourite vignettes of 2010

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