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Stalking on a Sunday

It's Sunday and I know that Kim does a flickr post on Sundays but she's off busily being married and I have a real hangover from the copious amount of real champagne I scoffed at my virtual wedding reception I held at my house. So please forgive me if I'm a little slack and offer just this humble stalking post. I really love this worker's cottage in Balmain in Sydney. Love the storage in the dining room, love the back yard, love the exterior colour and the white picket fence. What I'd really love though would be to see this place photographed by someone who really understood the space not just someone who wanted to show every square meter for real estate photos. Still cute though!


It's all about love

At the end of 2006 I met my best friend. We met online. I didn't know she was my best friend then. I just knew she was cool and had great taste in room porn. It didn't take me long to find out that she was warm and kind and funny and fierce and loyal and smart and feisty and strong and loving ... with great taste in room porn. She was always there for me through thick and thin and for both of us there were thick and thin times. Before too long she was a part of my life, a very special part. Kim and I have never met. We haven't even spoken on the phone. We have shared our lives online and today I wish I could actually run up to her, throw my arms around her and wish her all the happiness in the world. Today is Kim's wedding to Jeff way way across the other side of the world from me. So if you don't mind I won't be doing my usual blog post today. I want to take this time to wish Kim and Jeff all the best in their new life together. It's all about the special ones in your life ... your partner, your family and friends. It's all about love. Congratulations Kim and Jeff! Now where's my glass of champagne!

( The beautiful rose I borrowed from the equally beautiful portfolio of Gemma Comas.)


Maxine Brady part 2

Look what you find when you go digging properly. Maxine Brady's own website (see post below and you'll understand). This time though there is the added bonus of features Maxine has styled for magazines around the world. This one, a house in Wellington for Homes & Gardens, NZ.  A great family home with so much vibrancy. Check out the cutest little girl's room after the jump and head on over to Maxine's website for much more room candy!


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Maxine Brady


Welcome to the portfolio of Maxine Brady. Beautiful styling in lovely homes. Sweet vignettes crafted by one with the gift. Once again a talented stylist adds another layer to a room. Gentle, pretty and fun. Real and inspiring. Makes you want to pull out your teacups and cram them with gorgeous flowers. Photos from her rep's site.



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Decisions decisions

"A brilliant factory conversion complimented by an enormous garden oasis creates a unique, versatile and totally captivating city-edge living experience. Fashioned into two distinct residences offering flexible accommodation options, both highlight the rustic architecture of the original building along with contemporary design elements, each featuring two bedrooms, bathroom and additional powder room, enormous open-plan living/dining area complimented by a quality kitchen and full-sized laundry plus separately metered services and ducted heating systems. Enchanting full-length garden provides a blissfully private outdoor environment with vine-laden pergolas, immaculate landscaping." Sound like a real estate agent's spiel? It is. I lifted the copy straight from the listing. I had to because all I am capable of saying is "Yum yum yum ... want ... need" then become speechless over the number of Grant Featherston chairs in these homes. I must stop stalking. It's bad for my health. I have raised blood pressure from all the envy. Decisions, decisions. Which one would I live in? Both ;) Link to this North Fitzroy home here while it lasts.