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Frédéric Vasseur

I am swooning over the photography of Frédéric Vasseur. Simple spaces, filled with light that appear so peaceful. I so badly want to just curl up in that daybed in the second photo and have a granny nap.


McGill Design Group

I have 2 bathrooms (well, 1.5) in my house that could really not be any uglier. I hate spending any time in them, hate cleaning them, just plain hate them something fierce. When I found numerous gorgeous and luxurious bathrooms in the portfolio of Toronto-based firm McGill Design Group, I honestly wanted to cry. If I could renovate my bathrooms to look even an iota as incredible as the ones they have designed...*sigh* Oh ya, their other spaces are fabulous too. :)


I am in love with  ......

.... this furniture! The distressed leather in that rich hue. The shape of the sofa and the nail head detail. The playful fat tufting of the ottoman and that cocktail table. OMG don't get me started. Where pray tell do these glam meets rock meets Hollywood meets hedonist's playpen pieces come from? Check out Bradley Hughes. They are Atlanta based and hot, hot hot. Here's another image Michelle Bradley emailed. Check out the full range here. Seriously lust worthy.


Nosing around in strange closets

Come on admit it. You're like me. You like to stalk other people's homes whether on real estate websites or house tours on blogs. Part envy, part curiosity, part "education" but always 100% voyeurism, taking a sneak peek into someone's home is a guilty pleasure. Tate from Strange Closets has fabulous house tours. Every Thursday he takes us on a snoop through some of Chicago's most creative and livable homes. Real people with real style .... OK real people with buckets of style and panache. Check them out here. Oh did I mention the interviews with Chicago's design movers and shakers as well?



Everyone loves a contest. Especially one involving amazing prizes. Ed and Doug of Swank Lighting have signed on as a sponsor of Material Girls blog virtual design contest. Inspired by Metropolitan Home Magazine's collaboration with SHOWTIME on Met Home's SHOWTIME House Contest, Material Girls have launched a wonderful competition that you can all be part of. Swank Lighting is pleased to provide promotional assistance and the prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

First prize is a pair of Swank Lighting Lamps valued at $2,190

Second prize is a pair of Swank Lighting lamps valued at $1,600

Third prize is a pair of Swank Lighting lamps valued at $900

So check out Swank Lighting's post or Material Girls' post for all the details about the contest. Looks like alot of fun!