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Dreaming of country

A country bolthole is top of my wish list. An old house with vintage treasures and creature comforts to spend my weekends in. Daydreaming and scheming ways to make the move permanent. Entertaining the constant stream of friends that just happen to be coming up to visit. Winding back on the rat race of life but not winding back on style. Interior designer Chelsea Hing read my mind and made my dreams come true. Sadly this Kyneton, Victoria house belongs to someone else. But at least my dreams have form now.

You can see my previous post on Chelsea here and the news is that she has just started blogging!

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Random on a Sunday

First random piece of business today is the Urban Barn chairity competition I am a part of. Thursday night I got to see my chair in person and I am so happy with how it turned out (photo above). I love it. The chair is SO comfortable and the grey fabric I chose is heavenly (and perfect for pet owners!). Today is the last day to vote, and then from Monday until the 18th it will be up for auction. (The like buttons under each chair will turn to a bid button. People will then be redirected to eBay where they will place their bids.) Proceeds go to charity, and I chose a local cat rescue organization that helped me recently with a stray cat I rescued. They are overflowing with cats (200 last I heard) and are desperate for funding. So please vote today, and bid if you'd like to take my chair home and help a wonderful organization. I am tempted to bid but I have zero space for another piece of furniture in my house. :( 
At the in-store event Thursday night I took a few photos around the shop of items that caught my eye: 

And of course, I had to bring some goodies home with me:

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Book love


Do you love interiors books as much as I do? I LOVE INTERIORS BOOKS. Got my hands on a copy this week of More Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors by Andreas von Einsiedel and Johanna Thornycroft and I've been through it so many times it is already looking a little dog earred. From sumptuous and OTT to quirky, rustic and back to elegant this lovely book features homes unified with a traditional aesthetic but each with a different inspirational riff. It's a treasure trove of fabulous spaces. Historic gothic masterpiece, city apartment, farmhouse retreat, treehouse and more. Each project is fully illustrated with beautiful photographs by Andreas von Einsiedel with Johanna Thornycroft helping us understand just what makes each home work. You can find more information at Merrell Publishers including links to bookstores and online retailers. Don't you just love that front cover?

All images are © Andreas von Einsiedel.

And just because I love it so much here is the front cover room without any the distractions.


Rachel's workspace

Rachel Duister, founder of the shop Fashionology where she sells awesome jewelry she designed, was recently interviewed for I Love Fashion News in The Netherlands regarding her new workspace. She kindly refered to desire to inspire as her main source for inspiration. :) She did a wonderful job - what a fantastic space to get to work in every day! Thanks Rachel!



veryholly is the brand of London-based interior designer and stylist Holly Sullivan. When I stumbled upon her portfolio I was immediately smitten by the soothing colour palettes, textures and overall calm effect the spaces had.  Just the kind of vibe I need at the end of a crazy week. 

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