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I'm hanging my roman blinds this afternoon. Vintage Vera fabric from eBay. I must thank Bronwyn for helping me sew these. I could only get so far! The chair is a recent thrift shop find and as you can see I painted it green. What is it with green and me? I can't get enough. OK on with ....

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Alberto Caramello is a designer in Turin, Italy and he emailed to introduce DOT. The cutest bird feeder cipcip, an egg shaped cutting board ovetto, boat a floating candle holder and goodmorning a fun placemat. Alberto produces his designs in small numbers with the help of the craftsmen in his area, to offer a high-quality collection in
    keeping with the best Italian style. CUTE overload!

  • I'm busy losing myself in Spoonflower. What's Spoonflower? It promises to be a revolution in customised fabric printing. An email landed in my inbox and tipped me off to something I have been wanting for ages. Someone to print my own designs on 100% cotton fabric. The site is still in beta so you'll need to join the community but WHOA! the possibilities. My mind is swimming!!! A sample swatch (8″ x 8″) is $5 (great if you need to see and hold it before you commit), a fat quarter (21″ x 18″) (perfect for crafting) and a yard (42" x 36") (or 112cm wide for those metric kids) for $18 (order up to 5 yards). There's a blog too with lots of useful tutorials like how to create a pattern repeat and a slideshow to fill you in on how it works. I'm heading back to find out more!

  • Paul emailed - "I would like to inform you about our UK Print Design Competition open to students and professionals alike. The grand prize winner will be awarded up to 1000 GBP in prizes. The top 100 entries will win a T shirt and have their design displayed on our UK website.

    Contest categories include:
    • Business card
    • Invitation card
    • Christmas card

    Students and professionals can submit their designs here."

  • Loving a new site Australian Edge. Focusing exclusively on Australian creativity in all fields it's jammed full of great design. They have a lot of super talented Aussies featured already, including MOZI and Tsk Tsk. I'm totally hooked!!!!

  • Just wanted to add our voice to many in the blogosphere who are welcoming Nikko Moy and her new online store Ashes & Milk. If you haven't been there already go now, it's beautiful and if you have maybe it's time for a revisit to place an order. Good luck Nikko!
... and it's time for me to climb up that ladder and hang those blinds. It's such a hot day here I'm tempted to take a dip in the pool instead. Maybe I'll hang them tomorrow ;)


Minimalism in Amsterdam

I awoke this morning to find an email from James in my inbox (thank you for wanting to share this with our readers James!): "I have recently finished decorating a small apartment in Amsterdam. As a foreigner to Holland (originally from the UK, but studied and worked in Australia and Germany) I developed an interest in dutch mid-century design and furniture. Alot of the Dutch furniture is not so well known outside NL, and I am sure could be of interest to your readers." So much about James' photos impressed me - the architecture, the spaciousness, the soaring windows, the lack of stuff, the great mid-century pieces he's collected by Martin Visser, Rob Parry, Verner Panton, Friso Kramer, Wim Rietveld, Eames...

I'll start with James' old apartment in Amsterdam that he had rented.

James had to move out of that apartment which prompted him to buy a place. Here is the new apartment that he owns, and part of the renovation included painting the floors white. See? When you think you've made up your mind about a paint colour and them you see photos like this...


Tobin Bennett

Wow! Talk about photos that pack a punch! When your subjects are as strong as the interiors (and chairs!) that feature in photographer Tobin Bennett's portfolio you better be as talented as Tobin obviously is or these fabulous spaces just won't cut it. A fabulous room only comes across as such if the photographer knows how to wrangle it. Great lighting, a true comprehension of colour, good composition and a big "sense" of the room. All are important. Lots of eye candy in Tobin's other portfolios too. View the food first then take the sport and fitness.


M (Group)

Designer Carey Maloney and architect Hermes Mallea are the Manhattan-based M (Group). For more than two decades they have been creating classic and chic homes, beautiful and elegant but with wit and charm. Perhaps my favourite room is the Moroccan-tiled, marble-countered kitchen. All those windows - swoon! The inside outside feel and that amazing garden just within picking distance - smitten! All this in a Manhattan apartment. (See more here.)



I desperately crave homes with architectural interest as mine is completely lacking. When I found this home on Lagerlings, I was in awe of the spaces, and how interesting the details are. One day...