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Alison Miksch

Something a little different today but still a showcase of an amazingly talented photographer. Alison Miksch loves everything about food from what's on the plate to it's origin on the tree. I thought I'd highlight her garden portfolio as well as some of her still life and narrative work. Please don't miss her food shots though .... YUM! Love her understanding of light and her use of colour. Beautiful work and a wonderful summer inspiration.


David Baker + Partners

The San Francisco-based architecture firm of David Baker + Partners is quite the creative bunch. And caring. They have won a slew of awards for their work on affordable housing, they are urban activists and they are a certified green business. Their spaces are organic, modern and packed with character.


Tracey Garet

I happened upon some of Tracey Garet's work in a recent O at Home magazine and was smitten. Then I took a peek at her portfolio and was completely smitten. "It's ornamental, organic, streamlined, baroque, artisanal, mysterious and purposefully accidental looking". Featuring pops of colour that make me want to dash off to the nearest Benjamin Moore store. LOVE!!!


Laurie Steichen

Casual, elegant interiors firmly based in the traditional style are the trademark of Laurie Steichen. This Californian designer captures the essence of lazy luxurious afternoons, that bewitched time between an afternoon of outdoor pursuits and the first cocktail before dinner. Intricate details and rich earthy fines are everywhere. Cocoon yourself in the simple sumptuousness.


Stephen Shubel

Kim has featured Stephen Shubel's work before but I just had to revisit. This is his own space, a 1906 fisherman's cottage. I love the gentleman traveller, bon vivant feel it has as well as the quirky touches. I love a room that doesn't take itself too seriously but at the same time has all those little treasures you cherish close to hand. This is the sort of place that I'd love to spend time in to discover all the wonderful objects scattered about, their provenance, their stories.