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Walls of wood

I was thinking about doing a blog favourites post today as I typically do on Sundays but I am a bit too distracted to spend the time blog surfing. You see, back in April I mentioned (ok, bitched about) a French oral test I had at work. Unfortunately I did not get the grade I needed, and since then I have had no French training (due to lack of a training budget). All of a sudden on Tuesday I found out I am permitted full time training for the month of October, then I have to take the test, and once again I need to pass the freaking thing or potentially lose the position I have been working towards for the past 8 years. No pressure or anything. So if I have any spare time for the next several weeks, I need to have my nose buried in my French notes. *insert expletives here* The joys of working for the government of a bilingual country.
I was trying to figure out what post I could do relatively quickly, and realized I had some photos saved of "wood walls" - inspiration for my house when it finally gets renovated (on that note, we're now considering tearing it down and rebuilding, which has thrown me for a loop, as that was never the plan when I bought this house). I want a rustic touch to the place, and what better way than a wall covered in wood slats...or maybe panels, but I'm leaning towards slats. Here are some photos with walls of wood that I really like. (See also this post on wood panelling)

House To Home
H&D Homes
Le Journal de la Maison

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Never let your husband and his son near your computer

Jo - Hey honey my anti-virus thingy expires in 14 days. Should I renew or buy a different one?

Kelvin - I'll get D (my stepson) to install a different one. I have an extra licence.

Jo - Thanks honey.

That was Wednesday. 4 days later and I'm still without my computer. They decided to change my operating system and screwed it up once and after 6 hours today apparently we are still waiting for "number 3 of 4 to install not turn off your computer". Or was that 2? God I hope it isn't 1. Then we still have to install that illusive security software. You know. The one in the conversation above. The one mentioned 4 days ago. I can't get near my files, my Photoshop, my Snagit, my bookmarks. (Help I'm lost without my bookmarks!) Those who are tech savvy will shake your head at my inadequacy but I'm like most of you. I drive the bus. I don't build it or service it.

Long story short I'm on my teeny tiny netbook and it's another stalking post. They're easy to do especially when you don't have all the fancy tools you're used to having at your finger tips. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow .... or the next day .... or the next.

Oh the house. I almost forgot. Who could believe that behind its tiny unassuming facade is such a lovely house? Favourite bits? The spiral staircases, the garden and the wine cellar. I could live and die in a wine cellar I do believe ;) Link here while it lasts.

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Reader request - sexy, glamourous rooms

Today's reader request comes from Ina in Norway: I'd like to request a post about sexy, glamorous rooms. a'la your post called "Room porn" from the 13th of July. I feel that lately there has just been a lot of posts about entirely white rooms, and it's getting old. Lets bring some colors to the screen (preferably dark, calm ones). As much as I love white spaces, I agree with Ina - dark spaces are SO moody and can be SO hot. I'd be happy to give you all a bit of sexy and glamourous today (yes, this is a bit of a subjective post but I tried). Happy Friday!

Greg Natale
Nicholas Haslam
Todd Yoggy

Rue Decor Demon

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Stalking in colour

Take a terrace in Paddington, Sydney. Do the usual. Dark grey exterior. White interiors. So far just like your neighbours. Add black trims. Still like many of your neighbours. Fill with colourful furniture, rugs and great art. You're narrowing down the locals who decorate just like you. Paint your kitchen in your face yellow. All of it. Everything. OK now you're on your own! So much to love about this house. Some of it leaves me scratching my head. Does anyone know if the pyramids of fruit are pieces of art, housewarming presents or early "Christmas trees"? Link while it lasts here.

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Antony Crolla

Portrait, landscape and interior photographer Antony Crolla is a master at composition and light. His photos are beautiful and taken at just the right time of day to take full advantage of sunlight streaming through windows. Lovely.

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