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Mabley Handler

Jennifer Mabley and her husband, Austin Handler are the creative force behind Hamptons based interior design firm Mabley Handler. Theirs is the quintessential Hamptons house style - relaxed but elegant with white and bright mixed with seafoam greens and myriad sea blues. That summerhouse feel is evident and you can almost feel the cool sea breezes in these photos. Perfect summer inspiration.


David Jimenez encore

Jo and I are amazed at how many designers, photographers, stylists etc. take the time and email us to thank us for posting their work. Yesterday one of those emails was from David Jimenez, and I've got to say, I was as giddy as a little schoolgirl. I was all, "No, thank YOU for being a GENIUS". Ok, I didn't say that but perhaps I should have. I was however inspired to post more of his photos (maybe in the hopes of receiving a second email? LOL), so enjoy round 2 of David Jimenez splendour.


Odd, strange in fact

I happened upon the portfolio of photographer Antoine Bootz and I was smitten with all the quirky spaces he has had the pleasure of shooting. And scattered about the quirkiness was a couple of "normal" spaces as well. These ones in particular amused me.


Adriano Pecchio

You will love the portfolio of Italian photographer Adriano Pecchio. Specialising in architectural and interior photography he has an eye for capturing the style and essence of spaces. His use of light is wonderful and his understanding of spatial relationships and the beauty of details is obvious. Great work!


Mid-century and marvelous!

I found the following ranch home on the website of New York Spaces magazine and OH LA LA I think I've died and gone to heaven. It's full of mid-century furnishings, it's colourful, it's quirky and I freaking LOVE IT. My favourite part is the front door - I have a similar door (but the inset carved squares run in a row down the center) and I'm itching to get some bold colours to paint it.