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Jeltje Janmaat

Jeltje, a photographer from Amsterdam, emailed in the hopes that we might be interested in posting some of her photos. After taking a peek at her website and her blog, and picking my jaw up off the floor, I wrote her back and said "FOR SURE!!!". Stunning. And she's only 26.


Confection perfection

Finished at last! Over the past few months we have been following the progress of a Marie Antoinette inspired confection of a hair salon designed by Scott Weston .... from intricate scale model through mock up and manufacture. Now Scott has sent us photos of the finished salon.

“As promised here are some images taken at practical completion with my builder of the hair salon. Everyone from builder, sub-contractor to client just thinks it looks like the model & are all very proud. We built it in record time 6 weeks from shell to beautifully built joinery fitments. Our client's chic & quirky french style salon opens this Monday 22nd September 2008 at the IVY.”

Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!


Hot rooms

Time for another quick look at that retro "go to" book Heating, House & Garden Guide to Comfort and Economy, Collins London in association with Conde Nast, 1975. You'll have to look closely at these scans though to spot the heating references (except for that fabulous rainbow Swedish stove!). I'm loving the ever so slightly different colour floorboards in the chocolate brown room.


Binky needs a home

Sometimes I am really grateful that I have this blog as a mechanism to help out friends and family. This is one of those times. My friend Jenny told me the other day that she is thinking about taking her cat Binky to the Humane Society. After several expletives, I calmed down and she explained that her allergies are REALLY bad and her doctor told her she shouldn't even be in the same room with him. She asked around and posted a notice in her building but so far no one is interested in taking Binky. She put some ads up online and not much has happened. I told her to make a video that I could post since her boyfriend is in Europe with their cameras. So if anyone in the Ottawa area is looking for a pet and wants a totally adorable and affectionate kitty named Binky, please email me and I'll get you Jenny's contact info. I live just down the street from the Humane Society and it would kill me to drive by knowing Binky is in there. Thanks.


Flickr finds - Dining tables

This post is self-serving. I do not have an appropriate dining table for my new kitchen. And I don't really have alot of time to find one. I doubt I'll ever find one to my specifications. I may end up building one. Should be interesting as I am NOT a furniture maker by any means. Thought I'd get a bit of inspiration from my dear friend Flickr in the meantime.

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