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Bali beauty

What a way to start the working week! Daydreams of holidays in a tropical paradise. Poised on a cliff above the warm waters that lap the shores of the island of Bali is a small piece of perfection. The Alila Villas Uluwatu. Beauty, serenity, relaxation and luxury with views that go on forever or idyllic privacy surrounded by high walls. Whatever your weary soul desires. The architecture seamlessly flows from the inside to outside. Pools stretch to infinity. The design is by award-winning Singapore architectural firm, WOHA. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Not now. 

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Another Swedish pad

I've spent the last couple of days hanging out with my inlaws who are visiting from P.E.I and shortly I am heading out to Montreal for the day with my sisters and mom to shop for clothes. All that to say I didn't have much time to get a post ready for today. My twin sister sent me a link the other day to a Swedish apartment she found on Stockholm/New York based real estate firm Eklund. The decor is quirky which I love and it also has lots of bits of colour which I am also a fan of (despite my constant appreciation on here for neutrals). You really can't go wrong with a red Smeg. It makes any kitchen come to life. 

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Matt Blatt competition

The competition is ended and drum roll please ... the winner is  .... G and G. Congratulations! We will be in contact soon.

Yay! Another competition! Matt Blatt, Australia's specialist importer of affordable high quality furniture, has given me this lovely Estelle French Provincial Chair for you to win as part of the promotion for their High Tea Mothers Day V.I.P shopping night. Valued at $495 I can see this piece fitting right in at your place whether you are addicted to French, shabby chic, boho, industrial or beach styles. This little sweety will move on in and feel right at home. Bedroom. Bathroom. Dressing room. Office. Hall. Anywhere you need a stylish chair. What do you need to do to win her?

  1. You need to be an Australian resident. (Boo! I know overseas readers. It is not fair but Matt Blatt is only based in Australia.)
  2. You need to tell me, in the comments below this post, in 25 words or less "Why do you love Matt Blatt?".
  3. You need to leave a name and email address for us to be able to contact you when you win.
  4. You need to answer in 25 words or less .... honestly ... 25 ... or less. Better count them.

OK get going. Time to think up your most creative answers. You can enter as many times as you like before 5.30pm AEST May 10 ... the day of The Mothers Day V.I.P shopping night.


Faded Empire

Have you been to Faded Empire yet? We are gradually adding new stock and we have exciting decor pieces arriving all the time. Thank you to everyone who has purchased already. Your orders have been shipped. The good news is that you will have noticed that shipping is free. Yes we are celebrating the site going live with free shipping. The bad news for my overseas readers is that we only ship to Australia ... for now.

I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite things on Faded Empire. Porcupine quills. I love these little suckers. I have mine all over the house. In tarnished trophies. Old pottery vases. Strewn across a table. I love the texture, the graphic pattern. These are naturally shed quills from South Africa. You'll find them here on the Faded Empire site.


Alia Bengana - part 3

I have one last project to share with you by architect Alia Bengana. This one is a 150 square metre apartment in Paris with a very cool layout. The place was originally a classic apartment in a building of the 20s. The clients wanted a contemporary space without completely losing the atmosphere of the place.  Attention has been focused on the central living space which distributes all the rooms of the apartment. Five doors open on this place, they have been refined and lengthened, custom designed and opening around the pivots for enabling the discovery of the spaces hidden behind, each of different colors. The doors have also been put into perspective in order to always see one in the axis or diagonally from the surrounding rooms, thus creating a space that is both calm and dynamic at the same time. I love how Alia made features out of the large amount of doors leading out of the main living space. And I must mention that my dream bathroom is after the jump.

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