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Glass Loggia House

An old unsympathetic lean-to veranda is torn down and a glass and steel loggia and extension are built to blur the line between inside and out, to provide light and to frame views of the sky. A whimsical stainless steel mesh double height curtain skims across the back of the house providing privacy and shade.A quirky magical place. A modern twist to a High Victorian style house in Sydney. The Glass Loggia House by Allen Jack + Cottier .

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My new chair

At the end of the summer I blogged about the sad news that one of my favourite Ottawa shops, Green Light District, was packing up and moving to Toronto. On our last trip to the shop before the move, I decided to make a rather significant purchase and ordered one of their lounge chairs. When these chairs first arrived at the shop, owners Deborah and David insisted on taking the chair out of the window so I could try it out. OMG it was like sitting on a cloud! Amazingly soft leather that you sink into. I dreamt about that chair for weeks afterwards and knew it would be a perfect addition to the living room in my new house (which btw has yet to get past the planning stage). I was able to choose the colour of leather (I went with black) and cord colour (black again). I waited several months for the chair to be made in South Africa and get sent here with some other pieces Deborah and David had ordered. A couple of weeks ago on a quick trip to Ottawa, they delivered my chair. It is now my favourite piece of furniture. I cannot wait to get my new house finally built to show it off in. I finally managed to get some photos taken this morning (with my new Fuji X10 that I am still trying to figure out). Thanks Deborah and David!!!

Of course, with 7 cats I am incredibly fearful they may harm my chair (they know momma will freak if they do so they are pretty good about just laying on it and nothing else) so this is what the chair looks like when my arse is not planted on it. 

P.S. Green Light District was featured in the latest issue of Toronto's Designlines! A fantastic magazine I may add, that had me dying to take a trip to TO to check out GLD's new shop and a ton of other shops listed in the mag. 


Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! This week's problem comes from Emily.

I love your blog and was excited to see the post asking for design problems - and I have a design problem! I live in a <800 sq ft loft in San Francisco with my boyfriend, Ryan, and our dog, Bentley. Our biggest room down stairs serves as living room/dining room/office, and needs to be reorganized. We would like to create a living room space that is more inviting - right now we trend towards gathering with friends in the kitchen instead. We're opening to moving everything, even getting new pieces if necessary.

I put numbers on (this)photo ... so I could walk you through the room:
1. hi-fi cabinet - keeper - has about 2ft on either side right now of empty space.
2. TV - keeper - occasionally used to watch movies, so OK that it is behind the chair, we just move the chair.
3-4. corner desk and cabinet -keepers - these need to travel together to maintain the 'office' and are keepers because they were designed and built by Ryan and I.
5. dining table -can get new- seats 4 when as is (pushed up against the wall), we often pull it out and add chairs to seat 6.



A few quick DIYs

I was meandering around one of my favourite Swedish blogs, Annaleena's HEM, and came across a few simple and awesome DIY projects she's blogged lately that I had to share.

First, how about writing words on a wall using rope lighting...

Or a simple clothing rack using copper piping and some cable (this one actually comes from Ivania @ Love Aesthetics)

And last but not least, covering a vase with bubble wrap, for something a little unexpected.


Reader's home - Lucy's four walls and a roof

This reader's home belongs to Lucy, and here's what she had to say about it: We've been living in this house for 5 years. It had lots of, shall we say, 'deferred maintenance' when we moved in - all hidden under layers of cream paint. It's gone from being a vanilla ice-cream-colored box filled with IKEA furniture that we bought in a single weekend (long story - we moved from England and had to start from scratch) through the arrival of our two kids, countless variations of layout and wall color, to finally becoming a family home. I blogged about the process (and other design dilemmas) at fourwallsandaroof.comThe most newly remodelled part of the house is the kitchen, powder room, dining room and family room. Love the mid-century vibe in the newly done rooms. Great job Lucy! (Some photos by Chris Gaede)



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