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Before IKEA ....

I was going to write an intro for this retro post with bad jokes about LPs and 8 tracks (go ask your mums) but then I realised that what was staring at me from the screen of my computer was an IKEA catalogue. Does anyone else see the similarities? Today's retro scans are from Home Storage, House and Garden Guide to Organization and Arrangement, Leonie Highton, Conde Nast, 1975.


Aimee Herring

Welcome to the beautiful world of Aimee Herring photography.


Twig Hutchinson

Twig Hutchinson of London has styled some of the most beautiful spaces I've ever seen. I adore each and every one of these photographs for their simplicity, their rough-around-the-edges shabby chicness, their colours or lack thereof. Totally dreamy.


Alison Spear

It's the art in architecture that appeals to Alison Spear. Born in Miami and with offices there and in New York her work is not torn between the two but rather a wonderful melding of Miami spice and N.Y. cool. Don't miss the movie on her website as she leads you through some of her spaces and explains her design process.

Images from Alison Spear AIA


Luis Albuquerque

Enjoy some beautiful photography from still-life photographer Luis Albuquerque, based in Toronto. The kitchen above has always been one of my favourites. Since I first saw it in I think a Canadian House & Home. Love the laboratory feel to it (and if I'm not mistaken the lighting is from a dentist's office and the cabinets are from a lab).