A new book

I got my hands on a new book recently so I thought I'd do a review of it today for you all. It's called Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, and it is based on her lifestyle blog, which I happen to have been reading daily for at least a year now. This book is only somewhat related to interior design but I quite enjoyed it so I thought I'd feature it with photos of the more design-y topics. :)  Cupcakes and Cashmere includes DIY projects, organization tips, party-planning ideas, beauty how-tos, and delicious recipes for food and cocktails (a few I want to try ASAP). It's separated into seasonal chapters, and within each Emily divulges her signature “Five Things” relating to beauty, style, at home, and food & entertaining. You can purchase the book at Amazon, Abrams and Barnes & Noble. Here's a little peek (of course I had to include a photo I found at the back of the book of her 2 cats).

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Stalking on a Saturday

In bed with a bad cold. Great way to spend the weekend .... actually it is a great way to spend the weekend. Sleep, hot cups of tea and ignoring the chores. So I'm being lazy and posting a stalking piece. Mind you it is a wonderful early 70s house by Robin Boyd brought sympathetically into the 21st century. Link here while it lasts. Dear hubby could you make me a hot whiskey? I'm sure it would work a treat on this cold.

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Black & white photography


I am a HUGE fan of photography as art - the graphic nature of it, the realism, the fact that if you can take a decent photo it's an easy DIY art project, you can blow them up to make statement pieces. Black and white photography can be beautiful in any space in your home. Whether hung in large groups, enlarged or simply a subject that really draws you in (there are a few quirky ones below), it's eye catching and honestly, it's pretty tough to screw up. I'd love to have a family gallery wall in the near future, consisting of a row of 9 black and white photos - one of myself, my husband, and each of our cats. :)




Barcelona Atlanta


Annaleenas Hem


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New work from Antonio Martins

An eclectic mix of vintage, industrial and modern pieces defines the latest home by San Francisco interior designer Antonio Martins. Starting with an impressive concrete and steel base in a home designed by Zack de Vito Aarchitecture, Martins has layered not only furnishings and finishes but meaning into the modern decor. Favourites besides the Cassina Cab chairs in the dining room? The fab string of lights hanging through the stairwell and the personal touches like the b&w photos of family and friends casually propped on steel shelves. (More of Antonio Martins' here and here.)

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Max Kim-Bee encore

It's been a little while since Jo featured some interior eye candy from the portfolio of photographer Max Kim-Bee, so I thought I'd re-introduce you all to some of his beautiful photos. I adore the space above - a wonderful eclectic and ethnic vibe.

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