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Pinch me. I'm dreaming. Dreaming of slow, warm summers in the south of France. Of family times, olive trees and a converted barn. I'm dreaming and I don't want to wake up. This stunning feature is from Vårtnya Hem. An incredibly tasty site. Check it out.

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Got what it takes to be the Top Design?

Top Design has been a sensation on American TV. It has been the talk of the blogosphere. Now it's Australia's turn. Amy emailed me earlier in the week.

I’m a casting director for Granada Media in Sydney and we are currently looking for designers, artists, creatives and decorators for a new design-based reality television show called TOP DESIGN. The show will go to air on Channel Nine and will be hosted by Jamie Durie.

I came across your fantastic blog Desire to Inspire and would love to know if you’re interested in applying for the show? We’re really looking for people with a strong sense of aesthetics and a passion for design- which you obviously have- not just working interior designers!

After my ego just about exploded I calmed down and realised it's not for me for sooooo many reasons BUT I know that amongst our Aussie readers there is so much talent that I'm sure we could find the winner. Are you super-talented? Of course you are! Do you have a fabulous sense of design style? Of course you do you read DTI! The call for contestants is out. Whether you are a home renovator, stylist or interior decorator, if you know how make a home or a room spectacular then all you need to do is click on over to Top Design's website and apply. Go on. I know you want to. More importantly I know you can win!


Reader request - leaning art

This week's reader request comes from Jessica: My husband and I have a ton of art. Not any fancy-pants stuff, but a lot of small and medium sized things, mostly framed, that we've picked up on our way through life. My problem is this: We have more than I want to hang at any given time, but I don't want to just store the extras and forget about them. I really love the look of art leaned against walls, on shelves, etc. but I can't convince him that it would look good without examples. Could you help me find inspiration photos of art, beautifully displayed, leaning against walls or on shelves? I love "leaning" art - it's a great versatile solution for people like me who get visually bored very quickly and saves your walls (especially handy for renters!), plus I love the casual feel it gives. So here are some photos of art not hung on walls in the traditional, expected fashion.

rue magazine Richard Powers
Lonny Sköna hem
New York Social Diary Ron Marvin
AT Casa Lucas Allen
AT Casa Marie Claire Italy
design*sponge Jacob Termansen

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Barbara Davis

Beautiful imperfection. A sublime series of rough luxe rooms by Barbara Davis. At times desolate, at others inspiring in its decay. Dreams and echoes. Calm. Romantic. Individual

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Jieldé - an obsession

I have a serious love for funky lighting. Of any kind. I think you could call it an obsession. It's pretty bad considering how many light fixtures I have acquired in the last 4 months or so (there was this one, then these, then this one, then this one, then I made this one, then this one, and finally this beauty). But honestly, i would give up all those if I could get my hands on a Jieldé. It is the coolest industrial style lamp and I just love them to bits. Here is a bit of history on Jieldé lamps: They were created by Jean-Louis Domecq whose requirements were to create a simple and robust lamp that articulated in order to adapt to all working stations. They were first produced in France in the early 50's and in 1953, Jean-Louis created a company dedicated to the marketing of his lamp whose name was formed from his initials : Ji eL Dé. They continue to be produced today. I have scoured eBay on numerous occasions looking for a vintage version, but they are really expensive. Sadly, no stores in Ottawa carry them. Alas, one day I will get my hands on one, preferably a 6-arm floor lamp, but I won't be picky. I'd settle for a table lamp, wall lamp, whatever (but not a reproduction). Anyone else out there in love with Jieldé?

Lennart Weibull
Louise Rastall
Le Journal de la Maison
Erin Martin
Rachael Smith
Le Journal de la Maison

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