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What to do with a suspended fireplace

Abena wrote us with a design dilemma she thought we could help her with. "I would love a post on how to decorate around those weird hanging fireplaces from the 60s and 70s. My husband and I are moving into a new (rental) apartment in June with one. I attached a photo from a similar apartment (w/ my hubby in it, who you can see needs lots of space).

Our fireplace is rounder with no base in a larger, long room. It is also hanging near the back wall between a balcony with large sliding doors, but there is also a floor to ceiling window to the right. I would love something like what was achieved in this Richard Powers photograph.

Except our view is not quite as stunning, nor is the scary black fireplace in a nice symmetrical location. My husband just says we should put a tall plant in front of it and forget about it, but I think we should do more!" And I agree with you. Why not just place a couple mid-century chairs around it and make it a little conversation area? I found some photos of suspended fireplaces that hopefully will give you some ideas. For the record, I always wanted one and am REALLY jealous.


Lo Bjurulf

Fabulous Scandinavian styling. Again? Yes why not when it is so hot at the moment. Love it. Lo Bjurulf's portfolio is just sizzling. Tick all the boxes ... white, bright, vintage, midcentury, fun, funky and loads of colour just bouncing off all that white. More fabulous Scandinavian styling? Yes please!


Roger d'Souza

A few months ago I posted this photo from the portfolio of Australian photographer Roger D'Souza. It's such a perfect photo of such a wonderfully eclectic space, that I thought it deserved it's own post. I thought it was time to feature more photos from Roger's fab portfolio. And what the heck, that photo appears again below. I love it that much.

***UPDATE: Check out Roger's new online shop!


Anders Schonnemann

Sometimes you find a portfolio that makes you draw in your breath and whisper "wow". I can't get enough of photographer Anders Schonnemann's work. I mean look at it! Gorgeous light, interesting composition and angles and a great eye for the simple beauty of an object or space. Go full screen and enjoy.


Reader's homes

We have received several emails recently from reader's who wanted to share their homes so I thought I'd feature a bunch of them today.

The first is from Melody, of the blog me melodia. The following photos are of her friend's bedroom in Berlin. She posted them on her blog for a new series she's working on of her friends' interior spaces. It's such a comfy, relaxing space, and I ADORE the branch used to hang clothes!

We heard from Julie of Belle Vivir who recently made over her bathroom. She sent us some before and after photos. What a huge difference! I love the colour scheme and the totally cute toilet paper holder. Bathroom redos always make me jealous, as mine are embarrassingly horrid. I'm taking notes. (Click here for more photos).

Jen Venegas sent us a really sweet email the other day. A 25 year old woman who loves the notion of people turning their home into something that's a direct reflection of themselves, Jen just moved into a home and has been having fun making it her own. Her income is somewhat limiting (I hear ya), but she makes do with garage sale finds, and sort of prides herself on that (I hear ya again!). It excites me to no end that junk finds are making their way into so many people's homes, as it adds so much character to a space when it's not all item after item found in any major home decor store. (Jen, I will send you a great big virtual kiss if you hang your art much lower - I'm so anal about that).

Claudiu of Cluj, Romania wrote us wanting to share his work-in-progress home. He's an artist and his creativity is evident throughout his home, inside and out. The kitchen looks so cozy, and I love that he took his artwork to the exterior of his house as well.

Thanks to everyone featured here for wanting to share their homes with us and our readers!