Rove Concepts


Jennifer Worts

I'm always putting labels on designers, trying to tie their work up in neat bundles with a few choice words. Timeless yet traditional, contemporary and classic, an eclectic mix of the perfect this and that. I could use these for Toronto interior designer Jennifer Worts' portfolio but instead I'll just say beautiful, simple and elegant, just beautiful.


When you can't make up your mind...

Keni Valenti runs a retro-couture shop in New York City, and has a Miami Beach apartment where each room is either ALL white, or is painted out in a bold, vibrant shade of teal or green. Love this - it's the best of both worlds.


Unexpected modern

This 18th century home in Paris is quite unexpectedly filled with modern and mid-century furnishings and funky art installations. I love the eclectic mix inside and the juxtaposition to the exterior (which I had to include a photo of as it makes me somewhat claustrophobic).

Via AT Casa


Diana Kellogg

New York New York. The loft, the warehouse, the historic townhouse. Oh how so many of us dream of an amazing space perhaps with a hint of the industrial but always with the room and the height and the light. The architect of my dreams - Diana Kellogg. Just a taste of her work. I'm so inspired. It's human, organic and industrial. It's about the bones and staying true.


Susie Sarlo

Susie Sarlo of Beau Monde Interior Design (based in Northern California) emailed us to show off her brand spanking new website showcasing gorgeous photos of her work. To my amazement she is a self-taught designer. She clearly has a knack for this business. Her designs are "laid back California glam", and she mixes styles while keeping comfort and functionality at the forefront. Here's a little sample of what Susie has created.