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Emily Johnston Anderson

 ... is one talented photographer. I guess I end up saying something like that every time I wax lyrical about a photographer I feature here on the blog. (I wouldn't be posting work if I didn't think it was fabulous. That defeats the purpose!) What I really love about Emily Johnston Anderson's body of work is the intimacy she manages to capture through her lens. These aren't snooty, high falootin', unobtainable sandcastles in the air. These are lovely, achievable, stylish real interiors and lovely, accessible real photos. It's how I'd want to live. Emily makes it real and makes me want it even more. Oh that and the light is lovely, dreamy. (Emily's site is undergoing a new site design so I can't wait to see what new shots go live. In the meantime there is always her blog ... great wedding photography!)

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Monika and Christian's German home

Today I've got a reader's home to share with you that will knock your socks off I guarantee!

We (Christian and Monika) are from Cologne, Germany. My husband (41) is Graphic Designer, he was born in Argentina, his mother is belgian and his father german. I'm (39) Interior Designer, born in Germany but yugoslavian, then montenegrian, then serbian and in the Future...who knows :) We're running our little Agency together called Koenigsrot (translation is kingsred). We have twins, Emma (6) and Meo (6), our cat called "le Chat" and two squirrels. One year ago we bought a little house which was built in 1967. Before and after picture show a really huge transformation :) It's still work ahead us but we're really happy living here. We're big fans of flea markets, we travel a lot with the kids, we adore Paris and spent a lot of time there. Not in a hotel but in a flat.
- Monika, Christian, Emma, Meo, leChat and the squirrels.

I love every little square inch of Christian and Monika's home. It has all of my favourites - neutral colours, oddball curiousities, lots of vintage, industrial vibe....

Paintings are made by my husband Christian.


Detail Living room. Statuary made by our twins.

Part of our kitchen. The numbers are old baking dishes.

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Rough Luxe Design review

Hooked on the rough luxe look? Rustic with industrial, worn with vintage, unfinished fab and imperfectly wonderful. Then Rough Luxe Design by Kahi Lee for The Curated Collection by Farameh Media will have you drooling. I need to get my hands on this book. Rough Luxe Design features the interior designers, furniture purveyors, industrial designers, and trend-setting entrepreneurs leading this future overlays past, raw meets regal movement. Birthday present dear husband of mine? Hint. Hint.

Hanne Borgeyngland Norway Cabin copyright Madeline Söder as published in Rough Luxe Design for The Curated Collection

Bykenyan Accord Home copyright Grace Kelsey as published in Rough Luxe Design for The Curated Collection

Ricardo Bofill copyright Lluis Carbonell as published in Rough Luxe Design for The Curated Collection

Rough Luxe Hotel copyright Marcus Peel as published in Rough Luxe Design for The Curated Collection

Ace Hotel NY copyright Eric Laignel as published in Rough Luxe Design for The Curated Collection


Stalking in Balaclava

No not in a balaclava but in Balaclava, the Melbourne suburb. A 3 storey timber and block townhouse with a groovy young family vibe. Love the kitchen/dining area. The pops of yellow. The mirror. The rumpus room leading out into a fab courtyard. The casual vibe where everything is laid back but still cool except that brown velvet couch. Don't get me wrong. I do like a brown velvet couch but ... it's sloppy and slouchy and not at all hipster family cool. Perhaps it is in real life and perhaps it is soooooooo comfy that you would forgive its down at heels, shoulders hunched, hands shoved belligerently in its pilled acrylic cardigan, don't look at me, it's not my fault the rest of the room is empty vibe. Yes the living room needs work but with just a little zhushing how cool would this house be! Link here while it lasts.

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It's Jo's birthday!!!

Today (the 12th in Oz time) is Jo's birthday, and this year IT'S A DOOSY. Doosy in that she needs to get plastered to make it through the day. Since she's 14 hours ahead, I thought I had better post this now before the day is over for her. I am sending her a parcel which will hopefully be filled up by the weekend, and while I wish I could afford some of the goodies over at 1STDIBS.COM, here are some things they currently have listed that I thought were wacky enough for my dear friend and best blogger buddy. ;)

Pair of 60's horned sheep, complete with real lambswool and horns. Mickey the golden Lab can have 2 new buddies!

Carrera marble statue called "The Pill", by Alma Allen. At your age Jo, you're going to need lots of pills to make it through the day so why not pay hommage to THE PILL.

Pair of polymer Michelin men sculptures. To remind you to stay fit. 

Late 19th century fabric on metal mushroom stool. Dear gawd this is hideous. Would make the rest of your furniture look like a million bucks.

1960's Italian clay Cardinal bookends. Now Jo, I know you'd love to get your hands on these, as ridiculous as they are, because you have a thing for religious trinkets. 

1980's resin and chromed nails sculpture. Because you wish you were this cool in the 80's. 

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