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Maclean Bespoke Interiors

Jason Maclean is Maclean Bespoke Interiors, specialising in one off interiors and custom furniture. His passion for vintage furniture is obvious (and I'm envious) but he doesn't build sterile shrines to midcentury modernism classics. Clean, lean and oh so sophisticated. His collaboration with fashion designers Eley Kishimoto merges surface decoration and furniture form.


Janne Peters encore

Jo posted the work of photographer Janne Peters about a year ago, and I thought we were about due for round two. Her photos are so beautiful that they warrant another look.


Shelton, Mindel & Associates

"We make the whole greater than the sum of its parts". Architects Peter Shelton and Lee F. Mindel apply this philosophy to all of their projects. Planning, architecture, interior design and product design have kept this firm busy since 1978, and with a portfolio so full of pure design brilliance, they will be busy for many more.

"Simplicity is the most complicated thing to pursue, but when all elements synthesize, they transcend mere enclosure and become an art form."


Studio BAS_I.C.

People often ask us where we find all the truly inspiring and creative people we feature on the blog. Mainly hours of following link after link on the web. Sometimes it's a quiet cup of tea and a new design book. That's how I found Bastienne van Bockel of Studio BAS_I.C. I always check the credits especially if I love the images. (Chic modern: choosing styles, colours, materials and furnishings, introduction by Ali Hanan, Conran Octopus 2002 is the book by the way.) A google away and I found Bastienne's website. I love the fresh, uncomplicated modern girl feel to her work, the definite European vibe and the fact that this could be your home too .... if you had a great eye like Bastienne ;) Simple and stylish.


Diana Kellogg

Diana Kellogg Architects has created fabulous modern residential designs since 1992 in the New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island areas. Unpretentious, earthy, and timeless spaces, including some lofts that anyone craving soaring ceilings and large windows would fall head over heels in love with. (The last photo is Diana's children's playroom in their Tribeca home - FUN!)