Rove Concepts


Catherine Ekström

Fabulous florals, kooky colourful kitchens and a bed that is not too hard, not too soft but just right are all part of the fantasy and fun that is the portfolio of Swedish stylist and set designer Catherine Ekström.


My front door

This is just a quick post to document one of the many MANY things I need to do something about in my house. It's the front door. I have to say it's a pretty nifty looking door, and although the inspector I had in here when I was buying the house said I should replace it with a better door (in terms of being better insulated), I cannot bring myself to do that. You don't find doors like this at Home Depot.

One thing I have to keep in mind is the fact that this door opens right into the living room. So whatever I do to it will have to work with the space. The little windows in the door are unfortunately not glass but plastic, and yellow. Not sure if I should work with that or replace them/cover them up somehow. I found a very inspirational photo here a while back, and can't get it out of my head. How freaking cute is this door?!

I'd love to hear your ideas on what I could do with this blast from the past door.


Timothy Kolk

We shared photographer Timothy Kolk's work back in '07 and there is plenty more eye candy on his website to share with you. Such stunning lighting and I am loving all of the photography as artwork in many of the photos. And I MUST point out the wallpapered door below. I need to replace all the doors in my house (don't get me started on that), and I'm thinking of plain hollow core doors that I could embellish with some trim and either paint or wallpaper. After seeing this photo I'm thinking WALLPAPER.


Rees Roberts

Interiors infused with light. Rooms that embrace the view. Tailored, elegant jewels of spaces. Gardens that celebrate the city and provide a haven from the bustle. New York based interior and landscape design firm Rees Roberts captures the essence of modern living. I adore the subtle colour palette and layered textures and how art is integral to each space.


British beauty

I found this home for sale on British real estate site The Modern House Estate Agents, and I had to post it because it is totally funky, modern, eclectic and the rooms blend so well together. And it's got alot of grey. I am obsessed with grey.