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Easter reading guide ... part 4

I'm exhausted but it was worth it. I've overdosed on wonderful blogs but there is always room for just a few more. Find that comfy chair, perhaps a herbal tea and swear to never eat another easter egg again ... until next year.


Easter reading guide ... part 3

Day three and the blogfest continues! Enjoying it so far? Hope you've saved room for another 25 wonderful blogs. I'm in awe of all the talent out there (and amazed at how many people are addicted to design). Crack open a chocolate bunny and start exploring.


Easter reading guide ... part 2

Ready for your second course? Just remember to pace yourself. We still have two more guides to go. And I just realised I have so many more blogs to share than spaces to fill. New, old, from everywhere in the world. Relevant and irreverant. Pour a glass of wine and settle in.


Easter reading guide ... part 1

Welcome welcome welcome! In what's become a tradition here at Desire to Inspire it's time for a holiday reading guide. So many of us throughout the world have a few days off at this time of year and as we all know the blogosphere is deafeningly quiet at holiday time. Now is the perfect time to pour a cup of tea, butter a hot cross bun and settle in for a blogorama overload. Usual story ... some are new, some are new to me, some aren't in english and some aren't quite interior design blogs but all are wonderful. Ready ... steady .... GO!

One guide down and 3 more to go! I've been lurking for months and have so much to share. See you tomorrow!


Gluckman Mayner architects

When you live in a house totally devoid of any architectural interest, you can easily develop quite an appreciation for the work of great architects, such as Gluckman Mayner Architects based in New York City. Architecture can be very effective when it's done simply. Take the facade of the white house below. LOVE THAT.