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Happy birthday lil sis

I have been cleaning the house and doing laundry for a couple hours now and I guess due to my level of boredom, I decided to go find a photo of my younger sister Jen. Today is her 27th birthday, and I thought it would be fun to embarass her with a photo from her youth, but all I could find were photos of her with other family members, or with my twin sister and I. So Jen, happy birthday, and looks like now Julia and I can share your embarassment. :) (Oh, I am almost positive I'm the one on the left).


Offi, at 2Modern

I was poking around the 2Modern site this morning, and came across the furniture line Offi. "Offi & Company, based in Emeryville, California, was born out of a love for great design. Offi satisfies this passion by creating simple, beautiful and practical furnishings that address the modern urban lifestyle. OFFI products are created to be multifunctional, comfortable, and at home in any modern home in the world." Their furniture is for sure modern but I love how the majority of the items have curved lines, that removes the typical harshness of most modern pieces. (And as an avid fan of Karim Rashid, I was pleased to see that some of their products are designed by him). They also carry kids furniture and it's incredible. Most of the items are marketed as easy to put together and something kids would enjoying helping with. Brilliant! Here's a taste of what you'll find at 2Modern from the Offi line:


Mata Hina

Marén Wirths (Matahina) sent me a Flickr mail when the blog run away. I clicked on her profile and found that she is a lover of beauty, interior, architecture, design, furniture design, art, photography, tiki, midcentury modern, illustration, organic design and architecture. More importantly I found her website Mata Hina. Home staging, decluttering, illustration and photographic styling. What I love about Mata Hina's interior styling shots shown here is that they are fresh, vibrant and fun. More importantly don't these look like the sort of simple stylish home we'd all want?


Thanks and apologies

Just wanted to add my thanks to Kim's. We received so many emails when the blog was missing in action and I was blown away by how much what we do means to all of you. I didn't realise how many interior design junkies there are out there ;) Of course Kim and I were pulling our hair out with worry until the blog was fixed but I must admit that I started daydreaming about a weekend off. It's been so long since Kim and I had a weekend off. So ... I hope you don't mind if I don't wink this weekend. I have new design books to devour and a wonderful dinner to plan and execute. I have a whole fresh fish and chinese vegetables waiting to prep so forgive me if I hurry off. I'm not leaving you without a design fix though. A little later I'll be posting the work of a woman who emailed me with her kind words and concern. I followed the link and found a wonderful website. More of that soon.


We're up!!!!!!!!

Yes we are finally in business. Something happened to a handful of blogs out there and although it took 2 days, Blogger people finally fixed whatever the problem was. Thanks for all your patience and to everyone who emailed to let us know there was something up.

Not only did I come home from work (in the pouring rain) to find the blog working, but I found a package inside my door too. The following photo is of the new print I bought to add to my chick wall, from Etsy store BrandyKayzakianRowe. It's going to be a good day after all!