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The Wheatsheaf House

A certain house in a previous post caused a little stir and no wonder because it is a spectacular piece of architecture. The Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd is just outside Daylesford in Victoria, Australia set amongst the stark and eerie landscape of gum trees. A holiday home Judd played with the idea of a tent or a shack, something impermanent on the landscape. Ideas inspired by old plywood caravans and bus shelters were translated into a steel, laminated glass and plywood cocoon which sits gently on the land and addresses the striking beauty of the site. Variously described as rose to red to orange (depending on which article you read or the lighting in a photo you peruse) the interiors are stained plywood forming a striking frame for the minimalist modern furniture within. The drama in in the c shaped main living area. Sleeping and bathing are in a relatively simple compartment down a corridor. It's an organic, truly magical building.

... these images by Peter Bennetts Photographer


Rebecca Bradley

A former antiques shop owner, San Franciscan Rebecca Bradley turned to interior design and became quite successful. Her sophisticated and classic style is timeless and comfortable. I love the Asian accents she has mixed with traditional pieces and OMG that kitchen is fantastic!


Swedish homes for sale

I found a couple of really great homes for sale on Stockholm real estate site Skeppsholmen. The first is a bit almost country/shabby chic, definitively Scandinavian and totally adorable.

This flat is definitively on the more rustic side. The exposed beams, height of the ceilings and that floating walkway are to die for.


Mark Burstyn

He's Canadian, he's a photographer and his work is great. He's Mark Burstyn. Beautiful soft light. Everything seems so inviting. Stylish rooms (got a thing for log cabins)and vignettes (cute idea for salt and pepper cellars) captured by a talented photographer.


Rod Mickley

Rod Mickley's interior design firm is located in Vero Beach Florida and the landscape certainly inspires his designs. Creams and pastels with rich wood furnishings, light and airy spaces with a tropical feel, this is perfectly suited for a gorgeous Florida summer house....the one I dream about every night while I huddle under my fleece sheets.