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Alexander van Berge

When is too much of a good thing, well, just too much? Never in the case of the portfolio of Dutch photographer Alexander van Berge. Inspirational photo after inspirational photo. Part of the magic is the use of natural light. Part is Alexander's ability to capture the personality of the rooms. Beautiful!


Carter Berg

I love the portfolio of photographer Carter Berg. The photos appear so makes me want to be in these spaces and be able to spend hours devouring all the trinkets and art and furnishings, and of course pet the sleeping lab on the sofa.


Rendered me almost speechless

We love getting emails about topics our readers think we'd like to post about, and this is definitively one of my favourites. A huge thanks to Joy who wrote us the following email: "I live in Arizona and just received my new issue of Dwell in the mail. In the My House section is a home built by a young man named Blake Dollahite. With the help of his father and after 4 years of effort, the home was complete. Blake decided to build the furnishings himself, everything from cabinetry to the coffee table to the bed to the media cabinet. For the home, and its finishings and furnishings he used reclaimed/recycled products almost exclusively and to stunningly simple, warm, intelligent and inviting effect. I was so impressed with the results I read the article 3 times. :) Anyway, I thought I'd pass along the info to you two. Link to Blake's company's site which features a gallery of his home --"

I CANNOT WAIT for my issue to arrive, because Blake is a genius. Joy read the article 3 times, I bet I would have read it 4. I adore the simplicity of this house, and I was so blown away when I saw all the before photos on his website, as well as the detail photos of his handmade furniture. You have GOT to go look. Doesn't hurt either that Blake sure knows how to take beautiful photos. And he's got a really cute dog. :)



I'm actually on a few days off at the moment. Not the "few days off, book a room at the beach" type days off but the "sew the roman blinds, upholster the day bed, change out the drawer pulls in the bathroom " kind of days off. Right now, as I'm covered in navy paint and finishing the second roman blind does not look at all appealing, I can always dream that I've booked into JIA, Shanghai. After a hard day's shopping in one of China's most exciting cities perhaps a little room service before venturing out for even more shopping. Would someone shanghai me to Shanghai? Please?

Images from JIA, Shanghai


Polly Wreford

Polly Wreford's portfolio is filled with beautiful photographs of bright and airy spaces. I love all of them, and I've got to admit that she has photographed some of the most incredible bedrooms I've ever seen.