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Kerry Joyce

I love this bathroom so much (I've posted it before). I was taken then by it's ethereal hue. Kerry Joyce is the interior designer and architect whose muted colour palette caught my eye. The rest of his portfolio is just as restrained and elegant, mellow and casual. Sun faded washes of colour draw your attention. His style is traditional to modern and all things in between. I can just feel the warm dappled sun on my skin and smell the relaxed crispness of the rooms.


Markham Roberts

Oh my GAWD do I ever love Markham Roberts (I mean his interior design skills). Such gorgeous rich wall colours and wallpapers, chic furniture, fabrics and accessories. All done to perfection. Yep - I'm in love.


Preston Lee

Preston Lee is a young Californian interior designer with a big future. Clean modern lines with just enough references to retro and deco. Fun with plenty of ideas to steal, Preston's portfolio may be on the small size but he'll be one to watch. Some great fire place ideas here.

Images from Preston Lee Design


The mystery of Vincent Leroux

When I was lingering in the photo galleries at Marie Claire Maison I saw that one of the photographers was Vincent Leroux. A quick google and I found Temps Machine a photographers' collective. I love the colours in Vincent"s work as well as the way he composes his photographs. There is a mystery and a wonder in them. There's also a mystery to the site as many of the pages reveal error messages but the photos are still gorgeous.

Images by Vincent Leroux via Temps Machine


Troy Campbell

Troy Campbell is a photographer from Miami Beach who has a way with lighting. So vivid and bright, everything just pops. The fourth photo is my favourite - LOVE the velour couch!