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from Kim's flickr then tweaked.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Nothing more exciting than a fabulous interior designer's website that is unless it's an updated website or even better a brand new one. First up Anne*Coyle Interiors.

    Next is Coddington Design. Melanie has a fabulous new website with even more gorgeous rooms.

    And finally what we all have been waiting for (in my case over two and a half years) Anna Spiro has launched her Black & Spiro website. Fabulous fabulous fabulous but you already know that because you've all been flicking through her portfolio hundreds of times since the launch a few days ago.

  • Just opened in Toronto, Atelier 688 is a gem of a design space started by artist/photographer/writer Alex Jowett. Think handcrafted unique design, quality workmanship, vintage and reclaimed materials. It's where art, design and fashion collide. You'll find more here.

  • Craving that iconic designer cushion but still on the hunt for a great price. Check out etsy store Plum Cushion. Kelly Wearstler's latest fabric range, that notorious Chiang Mai Dragon, super ikats and lots more.

  • New from Bodie and Fou these simple, almost minimalist eco-friendly art prints. The Nest, Type Map, Hedgeraw and Endless Love are right on trend and gorgeous and fit an IKEA frame!.

  • New York based Maki Yamamoto is Fabricteria Maki. Her fabric panels can be used as window treatments, space dividers, wall hangings, art pieces or bed spreads. Each piece is custom designed and hand sewn to make it a one of a kind artwork. She calls them fabric jewels.


Happy Friday!!

The weekend is here! I am off work today and plan to do not much of anything. I went to visit a Flickr friend's home and AMAZING garden this morning (photos will be posted shortly on my Flickr) and she has totally inspired me to one day create an oasis for myself in my backyard. I've been battling the inside of my home since I moved in and haven't spent much time on gardening (which is ok since it has rained almost every day this summer). I hope to get to it next year. And speaking of inspiration, whenever I need decor inspiration, I can always count on the lovely photos over at Sköna hem to do it for me. Here are some of my recent favourites.


Taken in for questioning

Hi this is one of Jo's friends here. Jo just wanted to let you know that although the police have taken her in for questioning over numerous stalking offences committed this week she promises to plead guilty if they charge her. Guilty and proud that she can't get enough of vicarious visits to complete strangers' homes. I'm off to bail her out now but she made me promise to post this St Kilda, Melbourne house (interiors by SJB) and tell you that she loves the courtyard and that deepest darkest bedroom. (For sale here while the link lasts.)


A blog I have to share

Several months ago my twin sister started a blog called the boo and the boy, and I get so much amusement out of it I had to share it with you all. Julia has 2 kids, Simon who is 9.5 months, and Isabella who is 3 (she is VERY smart...she must get that from her Zia Kim (LOL!!)). Julia also has a memory as terrible as mine so she started her blog mostly to document the hilarious and unbelievable things that come out of Isabella's mouth (and in no time it will document Simon's as well). She also posts photos of children's rooms, so there's some room porn in there to get you going. I think alot of people out there - with or without kids - will get a kick out of her blog. I visit it every morning because the stories are a great way to start a boring day at the office.

Since every post needs a photo, here's one I took of the cutie patooties on Isabella's 3rd birthday.

P.S. I put up a link to Julia's blog in our sidebar a couple of months ago, so thanks to those who noticed and have been visiting!