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The perfect family nest by Nest Architects. Let me clarify. Perfect is for the modern extension to this older home. Don't really care if the family is perfect or not ;)

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When old and new come together

I can't get enough of lofts...and this one is a really cool mix of fold and new. Located in Russia (or Latvia?) this 2 story apartment was renovated with ideas of keeping it minimalist and bright, and to show a contrast of eras while preserving the original features. The windows are incredible, and while the kitchen seems dark which would make me crazy, I really like the rest of the open layout. Via The Village.  

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Working on a Saturday

If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend then I say it should at least be into a stylish workplace. The Peddle.com offices in Austin by Joel Mozersky Design.

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Halard - Halard noteworthy spaces

Possibly one of the best spaces I have seen in months. I am going to dream about this ALL DAY. (All photos via Halard - Halard)

There is something about those narrow steel rods...that shelving....

That fireplace with that mirror....those beams....

That sink...the floor....

Those black walls....that ragged bed cover...

That bathroom!


Halard - Halard

I was shocked to discover that Bastien Halard of Halard - Halard Design is based in New York City. After perusing his glorious portfolio I thought for sure he was located in Paris. But then it all made sense - he studied architecture and furniture design in Paris. His spaces are wonderfully eclectic, an intriguing blend of classic and contemporary, with lots of raw edges. J'adore. 

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