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James Leland Day ... gimme, gimme, gimme

...more of stylist and editor James Leland Day's work. Kim featured James' work a few years ago and he is responsible for styling perhaps our favourite photo of all time. (Remember red tolix chair and art wall in a white white room? ...his!) I'm moving right into these rooms. I just need to figure out how to squeeze through my monitor and plop on that sofa. James you're a genius!




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Favs of the week 


Drowning in boxes! The dining room before

When will this nightmare end? Every time I unpack a box I look up to see a wall of boxes still awaiting my attention. With a full time job in the next city and blogging, weekends are devoted to getting settled in. Ha! I can't see the light at the end of this box tunnel. So I'm playing hooky again from WINKS and reading lists (I haven't forgotten all those lovely blogs I promised to include in the next few guides ... I promise.) That's a before of my new old dining room. The previous owner was into diving by the looks of it (and concealed storage!). If you want to see my next walk through just head over to my page.


Every day life is beautiful...

I have been sick with yet another cold all week, but my spirits were instantly lifted the other day when I saw that we had received an email from Fabien, whose home in France (which he shares with Frédérique) I had posted back in June of last year. It seems Fabien and Frédérique have recently moved to another part of France and although their home is not decorated completely, they wanted to share it with us. And am I ever glad I did because once again the photos are beautiful and in the world of interior design where so often it's all frou-frou and expensive furniture and each item is placed JUST SO, it's nice to see how "normal" people live. (They are updating their website Harmonie intérieure and it will include some gorgeous raku pottery that Frédérique is working on - a couple photos of it are after the jump). Thanks again Fabien!

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Honey when you said pool room ...


I was expecting something just a little different. Spa in the living room? There are BBQ facilities as well and retractable roof. Is this the ultimate bachelor pad? Check out the big red lips on the stairway artwork, pinup girl on the drawing board, the black mock croc bathroom (almost missed the headboard!), big TVs in the bedrooms and minimalist kitchen. I just described this to my husband and he wants to move right in. Real estate stalking sure does throw up some "interesting" pads! Have a great weekend everyone! (Link here while it lasts.)

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