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Jessica's project #2

Jessica from my previous post took on the design of her friends' home almost 2 years ago and the result is a warm, contemporary vibe that is classic and will stand the test of time. Talk about gorgeous colours! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

** I closed the comments on this post because they were no longer about Jessica's designs but became an excuse for a b*tchfest. Sorry folks, but it seems some just can't play nice, and that ruins it for everyone else.


Jessica's project #1

Jessica wrote us regarding 2 of her interior design projects. She works for a large design firm in LA (but is hoping to go out on her own), is a fellow blogger, and has an Etsy shop. She is quite talented, as you can see by this redo of her former home - a 600 sq. ft. co-op in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. They put alot of hard work into this place and the result is amazing (I love the blue trimmed windows)!

Some before photos:

And AFTER!!!

Stay tuned later for another of Jessica's projects!


Maureen's DIY headboard

Project #2 is from Maureen of The Inglenook Decor who was contacted by to create a budget-friendly DIY headboard that they wanted to feature. Maureen started the project by stalking Craigslist for somebody who could make a wood cutout, used leftover chalkboard paint and primer paint, dustless chalk (who knew?!?!) and a favourite vintage silhouette. I LOVE how it turned out. (Photos by Chris, silhouette image courtesy of Susie Harrington of Petite Prints).


Franco's apartment

We've gotten a few reader emails lately with some interior design projects that I wanted to share so I thought I'd feature them all today. This first one comes from Franco. He is a brand manager in São Paulo and wanted to share his new apartment with us. It's actually more like a little peek, but I think the photography is superb so without further ado, welcome to Franco's Brazilian pad.


Quarto & Sala

I've been dealing with a massive headache for about 12 hours now and I'm not sure what or who to blame it on - perhaps the 20 degree celsius drop in temperature overnight, or the 3 times I flew out of bed in the middle of the night at the sounds of a cat barfing (each time a different cat). All this to say I have little motivation for blogging at the moment but I pushed through my misery to put together a selection of photos from this website that in a previous post I refered to as the Brazilian Selby. Enjoy. (And no need to feel sorry for me - I did arrive home to find a little package in the mail which made me feel better).


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