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Reader's Home

Love it when readers want to share their homes on Desire to Inspire. Pamie from Singapore sent in a link to her apartment which she has just finished renovating. Wow Pamie it's a great space. Love the tiles on the floor (and I'm not just saying that because I hate carpet). Love the clean minimalist lines. Love the red splashback in the kitchen. Did everyone notice the oriental decal on the Eames rocker? How cool is that! I want your screen as well. Thanks for letting us into your home.



Period is an interior design firm based in New York, and headed by Richard Livingston. "He is a master at orchestrating colors, textures, forms and materials, yet he has no signature style or all-purpose design playbook. Tired labels like "traditional" and "modern" don't apply to his work. Livingston celebrates the plurality of contemporary taste: he draws on the past to enrich the present and anticipate the future." Timeless neutral spaces, with stunning, substantial furnishings. Glorious.


David Jimenez

In my humble opinion, there is absolutely nothing more fabulous than mid-century modern and Hollywood regency. Pair these two styles (think Jonathan Adler) and I'm in heaven. PURE HEAVEN. My heart races when I come across portfolios as incredible as that of David Jimenez. I cannot believe Jo and I have not posted his work before. This genius of design has now made it to my top 5 list. His Palm Springs house, below, is something that dreams (mine anyway) are made of.


Navarra Design

San Francisco based interior designer Kathleen Navarra is the creative force behind Navarra Design. With a contemporary style with references to the traditional her work is elegant with a clean line. Not afraid of colour or pattern Navarra designs rooms that are livable and family friendly without losing their style and sophistication.

Images from Navarra Design


Kathryn Scott Design Studio

I adore the portfolio of interior designer Kathryn Scott. Almost every space is punctuated with a hit of bold colour (ie. chartreuse ceiling in first 2 photos) or oversized artwork, and I love that mixed with her classic sense of style. "Our designs blend a sharp sense of the classic with contemporary insight and technique to ensure our creations, modern or traditional, are always timeless in style. We believe that everyone is entitled to surroundings that support their activity, inspire their actions and delight their senses."