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Lend me some money I'm immigrating

I am addicted to real estate sites, I'm addicted to the Scandinavian look and I stalk Alvhem. This is what I have found on my latest visit. I think I have cracked their code though. Take a large Swedish apartment. Paint white, strip coverings from the floor, make sure the light is good, fill with fabulous furniture including an obligatory iconic chair or two, design a sexy kitchen, style with accessories from your own homewares store where everything is so covetable that it hurts, make sure your clothing props are hip, employ a talented photographer and sell sell sell.



Still taking photos and measuring up? Jason says he is getting some great submissions. Remember details here and submissions go here. Good luck!


David Carter

David Carter is an interior designer based in London, and his portfolio has some of the most dramatic and theatrical designs I think I've ever seen. "The qualities that define a Carter interior are glamour, luxury and wit, but this is also combined with an uncompromising commitment to quality and a sharp eye for detail. He loves mixing old and new, and he is equally adept at conjuring up all the theatrical flamboyance of a Marie Antoinette-inspired boudoir as he is masterminding the muted machismo of a Bond-esque bachelor pad. He has designed DARK rooms which provide an entrancingly seductive sanctuary from the world, and LIGHT rooms which seem to dance with an ethereal other-worldliness. All share his bold romantic vision." I commend him on his fearlessness. Life is too short to live in a home filled with nothing but blah. Blah is for sissies.


Greenart Gardens

It's warming up for our northern hemisphere readers so it's a perfect time for a little garden inspiration. Australian landscape design firm Greenart Gardens does just that. Wonderful outdoor rooms and gorgeous greenery. I don't think I'd want to come back inside with garden spaces like these.


An interview by Manvi

Just a quick note before I go chillax on my sofa after a rough day at work (nah, not really) that our blogger buddy Manvi of Mochatini has posted an interview of Jo and I and she did such a wonderful job that I had to plug it. So go check it out HERE! (Thanks Manvi, you're the best!)