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Favs of the week

I'm sill trying to figure out what to do on Sundays. Jo and I were talking and we're thinking about starting to treat weekends a bit more casually, where we would post if we felt like it and had time, and post whatever we want. I was hoping to post photos of the BEEOOOTIFUL hardwood floors my husband and I installed in our bedroom on Friday, but since we had leftover wood today we decided to do the hallway. We still have to install the baseboards so I'd rather wait and take photos when it's more of a final product. Soooo, today I thought I'd try a post of photos that peaked my interest in the past week or so from random blogs I visited. Enjoy your Sunday!

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via Sugar and Spice
via Design Crisis
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I'm moving ... reading guide part 1

... 150 years young

Hi everyone! It's almost time. I move into my new old house in a matter of weeks and I AM SO EXCITED! I'm also swamped with packing. A lot of you will know that I am the thrift store and eBay queen and can never say no to the perfect bargain. I have a 2 bedroom apartment, a garage and a storage shed groaning with goodies for my new house. Just one problem ... I have to pack it all up for the move. So WINKS are on the back burner and instead I'll be posting reading guides with all the new to me blogs where I have been lurking over the past few months. Don't worry if you are not here, yet. Until I'm settled in it's reading guides all the way. Enjoy!!












P.S. Does anyone know a good painter in Ipswich? One that won't get freaked out by black walls? Contact me :)


Tobi Fairley

It's Friday, thank gawd, and what a rough week it's been. I battled the flu, and I've been on pins and needles waiting for my younger sister to go into labour with her first kid (she was due on Wednesday). I have the day off from work today so my husband and I decided to tackle laying floating hardwood flooring in the master bedroom (which has been sitting in boxes piled up in the bedroom for MONTHS). It's GORGEOUS hardwood and I'll get some photos on here eventually of it. But for now I need a little pick-me-up, and I think some photos from the portfolio of Little Rock, Arkansas based interior designer Tobi Fairley should do the trick. She clearly enjoys playing up a space with lots of pattern and pretty colour choices. I couldn't help but smile as I snatched up these photos from her website.


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Architectes Barthelemy & Ifrah

A little French design today. Modern spaces with a certain style, a certain flair. Welcome to the portfolio of Parisian architects Alexandre Barthélemy and Stéphanie Ifrah. I love the sense of space, the clever use of volumes, the vast versus the intimate. So much more to see at their website Architectes Barthelemy & Ifrah. Enjoy!

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I'm in Glamour!

The lovely Leticia of Vintage + Chic blog kindly emailed me this morning about a post she published this morning of a story in the November issue of Spain's Glamour magazine. She emailed me because the story is about the magazine's favourite decor blogs, and both our blogs are included! There are photos of the bloggers (icky photo of me seen on the bottom of the 3rd page), and they covered half of the fourth page with a photo of my kitchen!! WOHOO! Congrats Leticia and the other bloggers mentionned!